Friday, June 6, 2014


Hungrily the girl looked at the piece of discarded food left on the dinner plate. At the sight her stomach rumbled noisily. Grayish rags covered her young skeletal body as she hid behind a tall planted vase that decorated the restaurant.  Quickly before anyone saw, she reached out to the table and stuffed the last bits of tasty morsels into her mouth and relished every moment. The rising pain within her eased at the food nourished her.  Swiftly the she slipped back out of the cafĂ© before anyone saw her.
A loud knocking startled her out of her reverie.
“Kallista! Are you in there?” Mrs. Powell called through the bedroom door.  “Breakfast is ready”
“I’ll be right down,” Kallista called back, remembering where she was.
She had a home now. She was not lost and alone anymore and had plenty of food. Quickly, with a sigh of relief she mentally brushed the past from her mind.  Her eyes drifted instead to yesterday’s newspaper and her stomach flipped over again. There on the front page was a picture of her with the wild headlines reading: Trial Set for Suspected Murderer, Kallista Noble.
She groaned and wondered how the press had found out. It was supposed to be press free due to her age. But someone had compromised her.  In a daze she walked down the grand staircase to the kitchen. Mrs. Powell had laid out a scrumptious breakfast with fresh food. Yet, with her stomach in knots Kallista found she could not eat anything, no matter how tempting it looked.  
Standing in the courtroom made Kallista feel numb and alone among the mass of people there for, what the press called, sensational court proceedings. The dreaded day had come.  She was to be on trial for the untimely death of Lady Serena Noble. She was being accused of murder by Serena’s assistant, Professor Harris.
Because she was under age she didn’t have to testify before everyone. But she could feel every eye on her as she stood there, waiting for it to begin.  A firm hand rested on her shoulder. Stilling the need to shrug it off, Kallista allowed herself to be guided to her chair near the front. Court was about to be in session.
Turning slightly, she saw Mrs. Powell there along with Dr. Tyler and Mr. Samuels behind her.  All had come in support of her.  Fighting back tears she managed to smile for them as they gave her silent encouragement.

It hurt all over again having to relive the day Serena died. There was a security video of that night that was to be shown for the first time before everyone.  Breathing abnormally, the slender girl wiped her sweaty palms on the pleats of her tartan skirt.  Her long dark hair was pulled smoothly away from her anxious face in a ponytail, “So the world can see your angelic looks and know you are innocent,” Mrs. Powell had consoled her earlier as she arranged her heavy locks.  
Bowing her head, she was unaware of six pairs of eyes watching her. Invisible to nearly everyone but themselves, stood Ezra, Simon, Raven and the three newcomers; Eric, Charles, and George.
“How is she doing?” George asked.
“She is holding up”
“Does she know we are even here?” Eric asked.
“Nope,” Raven replied.  “She thinks we are back at the house. She has no idea about the rings.”
“She’s going to find out the hard way what Serena had planned for her,”
“Looks that way.”
Together they watched the crowd. Some of the people seemed to be sympathetic to young Kallista and others seemed full of hatred and condemnation.  Ezra’s eyes narrowed coolly at the unfriendly people. He noticed his friends felt the same way.
At that moment she had a look of disbelief on her face as she saw the footage of Serena’s experiment and how she drugged Kallista. Gasping she wrung her hands and looked down, trying to hide how she felt.
“That witch!” Raven sneered at Serena’s image.
“She’s gone now; she can’t do any more harm.” Simon spoke with satisfaction.
“Other people can, though.” Ezra nodded towards Professor Harris who was even more outraged now that his claims about Serena’s murder were being proved false.
"We can stop him.”
“Let’s not underestimate our enemy; that’s one of the first lessons we learned.”
Throughout the caper that the court had become, Kallista could not smile nor could she talk as she pondered what she had seen and heard. Serena had tried to harm her.
Stealing glances around the room at the other people who were supposedly on her side, Kallista wondered just how many of them really liked her.
The jury proclaimed her innocent, much to the chagrin of the professor.
Once the court had adjourned, Kallista fled the room and didn’t stop.
“Kallista, wait!” Mrs. Powell rose from her seat.
“Let her go, Judy.” Mr. Samuels said softly, “She just had a big shock today.”
 “After her, George!” Ezra shouted, “I’ll keep an eye on this so called professor.”
George was already out the door in pursuit of Kallista.

Kallista didn’t know how long she ran. All she knew was that her heart was filled with hate and distrust at every single person on the planet.
Unseen by others, George, Raven and the others followed Kallista easily. Silently they kept watch over her till she collapsed on a park bench.
“They’re lying,” She seethed quietly through tears.
Serena would never do anything to hurt her. Yet there were times Serena had sent Kallista out to fetch her valuable artifacts, her consciousness reminded her. It always was a dangerous and risky factor. A deadly force of anger surged through her.
As Ezra joined the group, he took off his ring of magic, revealing himself to her. The others followed his example.
For a moment Kallista was startled and looked at them in surprise. But it did nothing to disperse her dark feelings.
"What do you want?” She asked coldly, clenching her fists.
“We need to talk.” Ezra said urgently. He was looking around suspiciously as if searching for something that was not meant to be there.  “We don’t have much time.”
“What makes you think I care?” She snapped at him, “Do you think I am here for your sole purposes too?”
“Relax Kallista,” Raven spoke calmly, “We’re your friends.”
“Friends?” Kallista laughed in disbelief, her face darkening again. “None of you are my friends. You’re all liars!”
She sprung forth swinging her fist at Ezra but caught her hand in his easily. Jerking back she swung at the others with the same results. No one spoke as Kallista raise her fists at them. Instead they skillfully blocked every blow till the distraught girl was sweaty and exhausted.  As she collapsed, Ezra caught her.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Ancient Path, third chapter



Eight pairs of eyes watched the girl as she swung down from the wrought iron bannister onto the floor of the old temple. Taking the ancient path to the hidden place she walked confidentially, unaware of the witnesses. There was a chamber with a small door tucked in a corner just out of out of view. But the girl knew where to go.
Not one of the witnesses stopped the girl as she opened the long quiescent door of the chamber with a turn of a small golden key. Inside was something that no one had seen or even knew about for centuries. Shining like a star on a timeworn ornate cloth was a radiant jewel, perfect in splendor. It was the legend coming to pass. No one else had ever made it this far in the quest for the Lioness Stone, a gem meant for a Queen. A few people in the past had come looking for it and had come close to obtaining the jewel only to be turned back by the secretive machinations of the witnesses. Yet there she was, dressed all in black, grasping the large jewel with a tiny delicate looking hand. Carefully, almost reverently she placed the precious stone in a leather satchel. In minutes she was out of there. Now was the time for the watchers to become the guardians.
Kallista gasped in disbelief. “You all were there a month ago? You all saw me?”
Lightning flashed, its light illuminating the window. Rain began to fall softly as thunder rumbled in the distance.
"I was just getting to that part when you interrupted.” Raven spoke imperiously with a smile. “We saw you and knew you were the one destined for the jewel. We could see it glowing underneath the door as you entered the temple.”
“It has never done that before,” Simon replied pushing up his glasses as he handed to her an open book. “Read this prophesy.”
Bewildered, Kallista read from the page.

Out of obscurity comes the thief
Who is not a thief
Unknowingly called by the Lioness
To steal away for unto thyself
Thine jewel is bound to thee
Thy nature is light wrapped up in dark
Beware the stranger
Like a raging fire
The foul one will come
Holding out to the queen, a thorn
In the disguise of beauty of great worth
Piercing the heart ,the blood will flow
Death will follow but is thwarted by a balm.
Silent and strong while fast asleep
Thine healing will come
From a spring in the east,
Daphne’s tears in an alabaster bowl.
Carried on the hands
Of the faithful ones
Who guard thee day and night.

“You are not really a thief when you think about it,” Ezra mused while Kallista looked on incredulous.
"You’re kidding me!”
“Not really, the jewel was meant for you. It’s the prophesy and the fact that the jewel glowed for you, allowing you to take it, that confirmed what we already guessed.”
"It has not ever done that for anyone before.” Raven added.
“Not that many people tried to find it,” Simon interjected. “It was a well-guarded secret that we took great lengths to protect.”
All of them were sitting in the cozy library sitting in the leather chairs and couches.  Around them were shelves lined with elegant colorful bindings of books.
“I never saw or sensed any of you!” Kallista could not get over her disbelief.
“That’s because we are good at what we do,” Ezra replied smugly.
After a brief pause, where Kallista still stared at them with an open mouth, she finally asked, “How old are you all?”
“Same age as you are,” Ezra responded nonplussed. “How old do you think we are?”
"I figured you were all ancient!” Kallista shrugged
“Who would be weird enough to think that!” Raven scoffed,
“The way you were all describing it…”
“We are all from families who are guardians. Our ancestors did the same before us, as did theirs before them; and so on.” Simon replied calmly. “We are not immortal.”

“Well, that’s boring.”
Kallista got a pillow in the face.
At that moment, Mrs. Powell stuck her head in. “Goodness, there you all are.” She scolded gently, “It’s beginning to look like a sorority house in here, either that or a fraternity. But enough of that, it’s time you head to bed Kallista, dear. You have school tomorrow.”
Kallista nodded and Mrs. Powell left.
"So you all have families and places to go?”
“We do but our place is with you now, Kallista. We won’ t be going anywhere that you don’t” Simon replied.
“You don’t expect me to let you stay in my room do you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Raven smirked. “This is a big house with a lot of rooms.”
The rain danced on the windows, drumming out an obscure rhythm.

“I call the big bedroom overlooking the street.” Ezra announced as he got up and casually left.
Simon and Raven stared at each other for a moment then hopped up and raced each other out of the library. Kallista could hear them racing all the way up the steps of the main staircase while arguing. For a moment she sat there all by herself. Idly she peered through the curtains out into the street in a lost effort to distract haunting thoughts that came her way.  It was dark and still raining; no one was walking the sidewalks now. Lights from the lampposts gave off their glow despite the looming darkness.
Like a thief, a thought danced through her head, one that she tried to evade, unwilling to face the questions of that night when her guardian had died. Just what had Serena intended for that jewel Kallista had found a month ago? Unconsciously she placed a hand over her heart, feeling it beat steadily. Nothing unusual had happened since that night Kallista found herself under a spell.
Pulling back from the window she got up and headed to the stairs. Slowly she started up the steps then paused as she heard some music. It seemed to be coming from the ballroom.  Bemused, she turned back and walked hesitantly towards the beautiful room.  When she got there, she found the door slightly ajar, the inner lights shining through.  Pushing the door open all the way she found the music was coming from a surround sound stereo.  Inside the room, Mrs. Powell was tidying up.

“What is the name of this music?” Kallista asked, captivated.
“Oh, you startled me child!” Mrs. Powel laughed slightly with relief. “I thought you would be in bed by now.”
“I was on my way when I heard this song. It’s beautiful.”
“It’s the Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich.” Mrs. Powell answered her softly with a smile. “If you would like, I can replay it for you.”
Kallista nodded in reply.
“I’ll let you listen to it but then you should head to bed.” Mrs. Powell spoke gently but firmly as she left the grand ballroom.  
The rich vibrant full sounds of the orchestra caught up to her, weaving a wonderful spell that she could not keep still for.  Swaying with the enchanting melody she moved about the room as if dancing with a partner. It was the second time today that she danced alone. Wistfully she wondered if she would ever get to dance with someone for real.
Unbeknownst to her, standing at a second story window, looking down through the glass doors was Ezra, watching her silently.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Alone No More part Two

For a moment she stared back at the man through the rain. It appeared that he was staring right at her, not just the house.  Slowly she eased backwards, unwilling to remain in plain sight of the staring man.  A disturbing grin appeared on his face. His eyes remained shadowed by the hat he wore but she could feel his sinister stare burning through her.  There he stood, boldly among the sparse pedestrians yet no one else seemed to see him. Then a kid walked by in a hoodie. He stopped in front of the man, blocking her view. She could not be sure, but it looked like he was speaking. A moment later he walked away, leaving the ominous man staring after him in anger.  

A large truck passed by, momentarily blocking her view of the strange man. When it had passed by, the man was gone.  Chills went up and down her spine. For a moment she didn’t do anything then she fled the room for a less conspicuous room.

“Umph!” She collided with someone.

“Land sakes child, slow down!” Mrs. Powell the housekeeper scolded her with a laugh as she held Kallista upright.

“Sorry about that Mrs. Powell,” She apologized sheepishly.

“Nonsense Sweetheart, I know you are busy exploring.” Mrs. Powell interrupted with a twinkle in her eye. “If you backtrack two feet and turn down the hallway too your left, you may find something….special!”

Laughing she did as she was told.  To her surprise there was a grand ballroom almost the entire length of the townhouse. In her hast to get away from prying eyes, she had set of blindly down the arched hallway and came to the set of elaborate wood carved doors brushed in silver. Upon opening the doors, an expanse of marble met her gaze. Stone pillars reminiscent of the Byzantine era graced the edges of the dance floor.  In the center was a raised dais in which a full orchestra played.  Balconies trimmed with beautiful Italian railings added a touch of European elegance to the room.  So vibrant was the room that Kallista could almost hear the sounds of music playing.

Boldly she walked farther into the room and whirled as if in a dance then stopped in surprise as she noticed a trio of French glass doors leading to a private courtyard. It was only nature’s splendor that could compete with the inner grandeur of the ballroom. Immaculate gardens exuded a magical fairy land of flowers, bushes, and trees, laced with vibrant lights that gave a splendorous glow.

“I could get used to this.” Kallista breathed in fascination as she explored the garden further, forgetting about the odd man out front.

Above; unseen, Mrs. Powell watched and smiled in satisfaction. It was about time that child had something special of her own, she thought to herself. She always did think that the Lady Serena worked the girl too hard. It was a shame she would have to interrupt her. Dinner was about ready and someone had to look after the child. Humming, she walked back towards the kitchen.

Instead of the fine dining room, Kallista ate in the kitchen that night sitting in the warm colorful nook overlooking the side street.  An elaborate stone and iron fence separated the small outer courtyard from the busy sidewalk.  From her position Kallista could easily watch the people passing by, noting that the fence ensured the privacy of her backyard. Sighing, she took a bite of her dinner, enjoying the delicious flavors.

“What are you looking at Kallista?” Mrs. Powell spoke causally while cleaning a pan next to the granite counter near the stove.

“I’m looking at the people outside.” Kallista answered thoughtfully. “It sure is cold outside so I hope they all have a place to go.”

She thought about the time she had no home; no place to be safe and warm.

“Oh sweetie, you are safe now,” Mrs. Powell replied as she understood the deeper meaning. “As for those other folk, I’m sure they all have places to be and are taken care of.”

“I wish no one ever had to be alone, Mrs. Powell,” Kal murmured.

“So do I, my dear. But these things have a way of working themselves out for people. You will see for yourself!” Mrs. Powell’s sympathetic voice held a touch of comfort and hope.

Feeling somewhat comforted Kallista finished then went on exploring the rest of the house. Soon she made her way up to the roof where there was the widow walk, and was startled to see a girl already there, sitting while glaring fiercely down at the street.

“Um, hello…. Who are you and why are you on my roof?” Kallista ventured to ask, trying to be polite despite her initial shock.

The other girl looked at her with penetrating brown eyes, not seeming to be nervous at being caught.

 “My name is Raven Ashcroft,” The girl answered as she shook away dark hair from her face. “I’m a bit busy now, if you don’t mind.”

“I do mind, you are on my roof. It’s creepy.”

“How is my being here creepy? Am I really a creepy looking person?” Raven looked slightly taken aback.

“Well, no, but being up here uninvited is creepy.”

Raven shrugged, “It’s necessary.”


“I am here to protect you and to do my job I need to be here.”

“I’m sure I am not in any danger.” Kallista fought back a laugh.

“You have been already targeted for death once, then accused of murder. This is the state in how we found you. “

“We? Who are we? And who targeted me for death?”

“There are others like me whose mission it is to protect you. By now, you should know why, but it seems you are in denial.”

“I can protect myself!”

“Yeah? Let’s see,”

Without waiting for an answer, Raven drew back her fist and punched Kallista in the nose.

“Ow!” Bending over from the pain, Kallista held her nose, “You HIT me!”

‘You didn’t protect yourself.”

Kallista clutched her nose and glared.

“There are six of us total; we are the ones who are destined to be the Companions of the Lioness. It’s our duty to protect you.” Raven told her

“But how do you know it was me?”
“Your blood called to us. Besides we have been watching you for a long time now.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“Well, that’s not surprising, you don’t need to call yourself do you?”

“How does blood call to blood anyways?” Kallista asked impatiently, “Can you just come down from there and talk inside with me?”


Kallista turned to leave and found herself face to face with another person who looked her age.

“Hello, I’m Simon Marks.” He said as he pushed up his glasses.

Biting back a scream, Kallista stumbled backwards into Raven.

“Careful now, we can’t have you falling off the roof”

Flabbergasted she looked between them and stuttered, “There are TWO of you?”

Sighing Raven looked at Simon, mouthing She doesn’t listen to well, before turning back to Kallista.

“There are six of us.”

Wildly Kallista glanced around looking for the rest.

“You won’t find them here at the moment,” Simon commented, looking up at the night sky. “Maybe we can take this inside….talk it over and explain?”

Above the stars twinkled mysteriously between the stormy clouds of the spring night.

Without waiting anymore, Raven walked to the roof door that led back into the house with Simon following behind.

Stunned, Kallista followed them. As strange as it all was, she did not feel any alarm at all that was happening.  Something came to Kallista, “I saw a man staring at me today. Is he a Protector too?”

“No, he was just a stalker but Ezra got rid of him.”


“Ezra Valentino, he should be with us soon.”

“Great,” Her heavy sarcasm was lost on them however.

Together they trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen. Raven looked around curiously while Simon inspected everything.

The doorbell rang and she went to answer it. A stocky boy about her age stood there with sandy colored hair and green eyes. “Hi,”

Apparently he was a person of few words. The next moment he gracefully brushed past her and walked further into the corridor.

 “You can come in if you want,” she murmured sarcastically as she turned to watched him.

“Thanks. You might want to close the door now. You are letting in all the cold air.”

Grumbling, Kallista shut the door just as Mrs. Powell came bustling by.

“Heaven’s child, you should have told me you were expecting friends over.” She puffed, “I found one of them in the kitchen drinking out of the milk carton! Imagine that! Are you expecting anymore?”

Raising an eyebrow Kallista looked at the boy.

“Not tonight,” He answered as he glanced around.

“Well then, let me just lock the door and finished getting the house secured for the night.”

A moment later she was gone, leaving Kallista alone with the strange boy.

“Would you happen to be Ezra?” She ventured to guess.

“Yep, that’d be me!” He answered as he walked into the library.

There were three in the house with her with three more to come.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Start of Something Immense...(not really)

 I have started a story based on a superhero version of my regular oc, Kallista Pendragon. It was inspired by Mar. This is just a test to see how you all like the story. Does this seem to be a good idea for a story? I know that I could have done better at some parts but don't know if I should continue if no one likes the idea of it.  Should I take it down? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me.
Thanks for reading folks.

The woman stood still before the huge window of the laboratory that overlooked the concrete gardens below, holding onto the last piece of the puzzle that would be her salvation. Tall and thin the woman was a silhouette as the sun filled the window with light and illuminated all around her form. A young dark haired girl stood before the grayed hair lady eyeing her apprehensively. The girl was worried. Something was up. But as she gazed at the old woman who had taken her in out from the gloomy cold several years ago, she felt reassured. Despite being old, Lady Serena Noble still possessed strength and a fiery will that had kept her going on for many years. Kallista adored her and would do anything for her. She would even die for her.

“Lady Noble?” Kallista questioned in a small voice, not sure what Her Grace was talking about. “What would you have me do?”

Lady Serena was brilliant and Kallista always hated interrupting her when she was thinking. But it seemed different today. Never had she seen Lady Serena so excited. Serena looked up reluctantly from the priceless artifact in her hands. Before her stood the girl who was her ultimate goal. Serena had felt fortunate when she had spied the young beauty a few years before, lost and alone without any family. She was like a gift from above. It had been a clear sign that she was to proceed with her dreams; long awaited dreams of eternal youth. By tonight, she would have youth, beauty and power at her disposal. The world would be hers. The one regret she had was that the faithful Kallista would be no more. Faithfulness did not come around like that every day. But it was a price she was willing to pay.

“After tonight, all this will be over.” Serena whispered with barely contained excitement. “All the years of waiting will have paid off. Finally, I have the last artifact.” Looking back down in her hands, Serena once again admired the priceless jewel. Large and purple it shimmered as the rays of the sun reached it.

“The Eye of the Lioness,” She breathed as she spoke the name if the fabled jewel. “Well done Kallista. It could not have been easy obtaining this from Egypt.”

 “I had a few problems but nothing could keep me from obeying your wishes.” Kallista answered humbly.

“You are sure you were not injured.” Serena raised her eyebrows, concerned. “I can't have you becoming damaged on me.”

“Nothing serious, my Lady.”

The elderly lady's voice barely shook as continued. “You have been faithful to me all these years and have retrieved for me all these priceless artifacts. I know it has not been easy. But your greatest test is yet to come. Will I still find you faithful?”

“Of course Lady Noble,” Kallista stepped forwards eagerly. “I would do anything for you, It was no trouble!”

“Follow me child,“ Serena walked into the next room where the equipment was set up for the Transformation. “We don't have much time. A storm is coming and Beltane is almost upon us.”

A dread filled Kallista as she obediently followed her guardian. Pausing at the door she turned back to look out the large window one last time. It was as Lady Serena had said, a storm was coming. Already the distant sky was forming a dark angry hue.

“Kallista,” Serena called to her. “Come child. I need your help once more.”

Obedient, Kallista hurried over to the lady and helped the older woman as she set the artifacts in their chosen places.

The last to be placed was the Eye of the Lioness. Just as it was fitted into the slot the first sound of thunder sounded.

“Hurry child. We don't have much time. Now help me into this seat.”

Kallista did as she was told, puzzled but still obedient. But when the old lady commanded the girl to belt her in, Kallista bulked.

Serene laughed softly.

“Come now, Kallista. Are you really going to disobey me now; after all this time? I thought you would trust me better than that.”

Chagrined Kallista hesitantly did as she was told.

“Good girl.” Serena smiled. “Now listen close. I want you to place yourself in the other seat. See that drink there? I want you to drink that.”

Despite her doubts Kallista did as she was told. She didn't understand but Lady Noble had never done her wrong before.

Carefully she sat down on the cold leather seat even as more thunder roared across the sky. Shadows deepening in the room distracted her momentarily. Dizziness made her sway as all her senses seemed to tingle and go into overdrive. An unseen presence filled the room. She didn't know how she knew. It was just something she became aware of.

“There is something here with us.” Kallista spoke uneasily. Her little “errands” that she had done for Serene when fetching the artifacts had taught her never to ignore such things.

“Drink, Kallista.” Serena's voice became strained.

Startled, Kallista glanced at her. Serena nodded reassuringly and pointed to the drink. Sighing Kallista did as she was told. Looking into the steel cup she saw it was a clear liquid. Kallista tasted it tentatively. Blue eyes widened as the sweet beverage slid over her tongue. Eagerly she finished it off.

“What was this?” She asked in wonder, licking her lips.

Serena rolled her eyes at the girl's slowness and decided to ignore her.

Suddenly Kallista's body felt heavy. In a daze she lowered herself back into the chair, the cup falling from her limp hand. The weird feeling she had just moments before faded away from her as her eyelids dropped.

“At last,” Serena beamed as she stared at the girl. “This is my last mercy to you Kallista. It's been lovely knowing you.”

A flash blazed across the room as the storm hit directly over head of Serena Noble's private laboratory. A few more moments and Beltane would officially have arrived.

Now even Serena could feel the pressure growing of an unseen presence, the same one Kallista had felt. The source seemed to come from the Eye if the Lioness itself. The old woman could not keep her eyes of the jewel as it pulsed with power. Dimly, Serena became aware of voices whispering within the sounds of the rainfall and thunder. She knew what it was. The soul of the jewel was speaking and searching. It was a magical force searching for its next owner.

Over the centuries the tale of the Lioness became myth and then became forgotten. Only few who studied things of ancient nature would know. Serena had known over forty years ago that it would be she who would obtain it.

The older woman knew it would latch onto her, the only one with an active conscious. With barely disguised excitement she prepared her mind for the wish she knew the Jewel would give her. Only one wish could be given by the Eye of the Lioness once every thousands of years. Her wish for youth and beauty would be finally a reality.


Kallista lay in a dreamless sleep. But when the last if the lights failed in the room and the light of the jewel blazed forth, Kallista jerked awake, gasping. Then sighing she settled back on the chair, unconscious.

Sweat lined the forehead of the wrinkled old woman. Something was wrong. Then a beautiful but unearthly voice pieced through her mind.

“I do not choose you.”

Almost choking on her own panic Serena half shrieked back, her thin voice breaking. “I don’t understand! I am your owner. You are supposed to give me what I want!”

“I do not choose you.” The voice spoke again, cold and powerful.

“What do you mean?” Serena screamed wildly as she watched in disbelief as the Jewel dethatched it’s self from the bindings and orbited to Kallista. “I CHOSE YOU! You are supposed to be MINE!”

Unseen energy whipped around the room, so thick Serena could feel it pressing upon her. It should have been a warning to her. But as she watched the chances of her dreams grow smaller, a rage broke through her normal regal reserve.

“You WILL BE MINE!” She struggled futilely out of her bindings while casting withering glances over at the sleeping girl. “You CAN’T go to her. She is NOTHING!”

“I have chosen Kallista Pendragon.” The Jewel declared, unmoved by Serena’s rage as it settled over the sleeping beauty. It sank into the girl gently and encased it’s self over her beating heart.

Serena gasps as Kallista’s surname was revealed to her for the first time. The fact that Kallista was not just a nobody wasn’t lost on her. The fact that Kallista was descended from ancient royalty, the true royalty was the last thing that Serena thought before the seizure took her.

As she breathed her last, the words of the Jewel floated in her ears.

“I and Kallista Pendragon are one.”

Serena died.

Kallista woke up to the feel of someone shaking her gently.

Almost lazily she opened her eyes. She had been having a good dream. Her eyes met those of Dr. Tyler, Serena’s own personal assistant.

“Kallista,” The doctor’s eyes were kindly. “How do you feel?”

“I feel fine.” She answered puzzled. Usually the doctor took no notice of her. “What is going on?”

“That is funny. We were going to ask you that.” The accusing voice belonged to Professor Harris, the managing assistant for Serena Noble’s facility.

“Now, Jacob.” The Doctor half turned with a quiet warning voice to calm the agitated man. “She has just woken up.”

“It’s been two days since Lady Noble died, Doctor.” Jacob snarled. “That is what you said when you examined her just now. How is it that Kallista is ok while Lady Noble is dead. It sure looks suspicious to me!”

“I recommend looking at the security tape, Jacob.” The Doctor replied mildly with a nod towards the camera that was somewhat hidden from view. “I think all our answers lie there.”

Kallista had been listening in shock. Serena Noble was dead? It could not be. But there she was, lying still on the table where the doctor had placed her. Serena’s eyes were still opened in anger and horror, seemingly frozen that way.

“You have been here unconscious apparently for two days, young lady.” The Doctor informed her gently.

Kallista felt her head swim. But she did not faint. It felt as if her heart had been ripped from her. All that mattered was that Serena was dead. Feeling alone again for the first time in several years, Kallista set shell shocked.

The professor made sounds of impatience at her.

“Calm yourself Jacob, this is not the actions of a murderer. And as I have already said, Serena died of a seizure. It was not murder. I examined her myself.” Dr. Tyler turned steely eyes at the other man. “Or do you question my expertise.”

The other man gulped and left it alone at that. Shivering from shock, Kallista was glad.

The next few days passed in a blur, for Kallista. Serena’s face kept appearing before her in her memory. But she did not cry. She could not. It was all knotted up deep within her, fear and grief making her almost cripple.

Now sitting in the elegant office in what was once Serena’s home, Kallista pondered all that had taken place. She could barely remember the funeral. Not many people had showed up for it.

Then there was the reading of the will. To her surprise she inherited everything, the mansion, the other homes in various countries, the land, and to everyone’s surprise, an island north of Egypt in the Mediterranean. Professor Harris had gotten in her face then and went all postal.

“You MURDERED Lady Noble, you rotten faced gold-digging ungrateful BRAT!” He raged.

 Others had to hold him back but the damage was done. The term murderer was now linked with her own name. To Kallista, it meant nothing. All she knew was that she was alone. The one she had loved most of all was gone. Now so were all her dreams.

It was that thought that broke Kallista’s thin layer of control. She folded in on herself and wept for the first time in days.

After a moment her wails turned into words of regret and loss and….

“I am alone!”

For a moment, all was still.

“You are never alone.” The gentle but firm voice spoke not aloud but in Kallista’s mind, startling her.

 “Who are you?” She asked, confused. “Where are you?”

“I am part of you,” was the answer.

Kallista did not understand but kept silent and wondered at the warmth the spread throughout her body. It was like a gentle hug.

“Trust me and I will show you all you need to know.”

Even though Kallista didn’t understand what was going on, she found herself responding and agreeing to the promptings.

“Who are you?” She braved the question out loud.

“I am the Eye of the Lioness, child. But then again, so are you.”

The voice sounded almost amused.

“I don’t understand.” She cried out.

“In time you will understand.” A vision of a silver lioness appeared before her, radiant in beauty. Kallista gasped in awe at the power that exuded from the lioness. “But for now, know this. I am only a part, and not a whole of a royal soul. Your soul. I was made long ago to be part of the soul of a worthy queen. I was made first for The Queen of Sheba. Then I was destined for Cleopatra. I was made to be with a destined Queen. But no royal blood called out to me for the longest time so I slept. But then one day I awoke to the song of the birth of a new Queen. Her soul cried out for me even though she was not aware of it. I have been trying to get to her since that day. At last I have succeeded. That Queen is you. You are my other half. I have been chosen for you and you for me as it has been destined. Now our souls are complete and we are one.”

There was a lengthy pause as Kallista struggled to find words to say. Then she leaned forwards and whispered.

“But I am no queen. I am not even a princess or a noble.”

The Lioness smiled even as she faded from Kallista’s view. “But you are child, now that Lady Serena is dead, you are the last Noble.  Did not the last will and testament say you were adopted by her? As for being royal, even if the world thinks it’s has wiped away your royal lineage, you’re pure royal. You have much power in you, child. I will help you with it. ”

An ornate silver and pearl door appeared and opened up in front of Kallista revealing a lush forest lined along the sands of a sparkling pristine beach.

“Step forward, Daughter of the Heavens. Fear not for what waits you. Nothing will harm thee.”

Daughter of the what?

Yet compelled, Kallista found herself doing as she was told. It was like stepping from one room of a house into another. Except now she stood on the beach of an island. Recognition flashed through her mind as she looked about. It was as if she knew this place!

Strangely, without needing to be guided, Kallista walked a path as if she had been here before. Past brightly colored flowers and thick green bushes and trees she followed the trail, not pausing till she reached a little inlet. Somehow she knew that it was filled with fresh water. A crystal clear waterfall splashed dramatically down the side of a small cliff. Tall thick trees stood grand and regal around the surrounding rocky ledge. Drawn to the waterfall, Kallista somehow knew that there was an entrance to the cave under. This time without any hesitation she moved to travel under the force of the waterfall. It was magic she realized when she made it through easily. The force of the water had moved around her instead of beating down.

Music filled her ears of which the like she had never heard before. It was lovely, enduring, and pulled at her till she walked further into the cave.

In stunned awe she looked around. Every inch of the cave was spectacularly beautiful. Diamonds covered the walls of the cave and sparkled brilliantly with a hidden light. In the center of the cave was a small pool of water that shimmered from the light of the sun that shone down through an opening in top of the cave. It all took Kallista’s breath away.

“No other human can enter this cave or come on this island without your permission.” The Lioness spoke. “This is a place for you to come to when you need to renew your soul and refresh your spirit.”

Kallista had so many thoughts and emotions raging through her, she felt overwhelmed.

Something about this made her think about Japanese samurais and their teachers. Like the ancient esteemed warrior she turned and bowed formally to where she thought the Lioness stood. But one thing pressed on her the most.  

“Thank you Great One.” She whispered respectfully, trying to hide her nervousness. “I do not know your name or why you are kind to one such as me. But I think you. May I have the honor of knowing your name?”

“I am Kallista Pendragon.” The Lioness responded with the sound of gentle amusement on her voice again. “And you, my child are The Lioness. You are me and I am you. We are one.”

“Okay,” Kallista let out slowly, “This will take time to get used to.”

A week passed and Kallista still could not wrap her mind around all the events that had taken place. So much had changed and it all was overwhelming.  Today was no less so.  Numbly she stood before an elaborate three story brick building. It was the elite private school for girls, St. Lawrence Dale Conservatory Academy.

Selena’s chauffer, now hers, stood behind her.

“You best go in Lady Kallista.” Mr. Samuels spoke kindly, “Now that Lady Serena is no longer here to guide your education, you are required to attend school. Doctor Tyler found the best one he could.”

Dressed in the school uniform, Kallista felt at a loss upon hearing her new title, formally Serena Noble’s.

Mr. Samuels saw the look on her face and understood. “You’ve got this, Kal. It will be okay.”

It was the use of her nickname that gave her courage.  Squaring her shoulders she straightened her blazer and started walking up the stone stairway.

Whispers and stolen glances followed her. Tidbits of conversation floated within her hearing. “Lady Serena”, “death”, “murder”, and “guilty” seemed to be the keywords. Professor Harris came to mind and his accusations.  It was as if what he had said stained her very being.

Shock and dismay filled her as she entered the immaculate building away from one set of whispers to another.

“Look at you, new and already infamous here!” A cheerful voice commented to her right.

Turning her head she met the sparling green eyes of a vivacious redhead. Judging by the same silvery blue and light grey uniform she wore the girl was also a student.

“Hi, my name is Silvia Roundtree.” Silvia held out her hand in a friendly manner. “I already know who you are; Kallista Noble.”

“Yeah, Nice to meet you,” Kallista replied with a smile, rolling her eyes. “I didn’t expect to be anything other than a new student. That’s all I am really.”

“We’ll see,” Silvia smiled mischievously. “The rumors already have you pegged as either a tragic princess or criminally challenged delinquent.”

“How charming,” Kal smirked slightly as she began to walk, all the while her strange and mysterious conversation on her mind. “I am just a girl who wants to find the main office.”

“Oh, you are nearly there!” Silvia exclaimed. “I’ll show you!”

It was easier to ignore staring fellow classmates when having someone by your side than enduring staring fellow classmates while feeling lost and alone.  

With her new friend assisting her, Kallista obtained her schedule.

“Oh, Honors World Literature and Shakespeare for your first class, nice!” Silvia spoke enthusiastically as she read over Kallista’s shoulder.

“Yes, as well as World History and Geography, Music, Economics, Latin, and Earth Science.” Kallista spoke with less enthusiasm then Silvia as she headed to her first class. “I remember when I could learn while traveling.”

“Oh, don’t be so grumpy,” Silvia poked her lightly. “We all get a world class education here and in the end will have our pick from the best universities around!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Kal smiled blandly. “It’s all new for me.”

“I have to go to my class now, but I have music with you later.”
“Great, see you then.”
Turning, she entered her class and gazed around. Other students were beginning to take their seats and the teacher looked busy with a pile of papers on her desk. Mentally she shrugged and found herself a seat by the window.  The view overlooked a mini courtyard and the school wing beyond that.  Kallista was startled to see only boys through the window. Looking around her own classroom she realized there were only girls with her.
“This is the girl’s wing of St. Lawrence,” A girl with blond hair and glasses spoke without looking at her. Before her sat her own laptop which she was busily typing away. “The boys have their own entrence on the other side of the school. Though the academy is connected, we are barred from mingling with each other except on special occasions. “
“Oh, well that explains some things,” Kallista replied. “My name is Kal-“
“I know who you are.” The girl looked up then revealing intellectual golden brown eyes. “I’m Alice Stacey.”
Kallista couldn’t tell at that moment if the other girl was being friendly or was a threat. Before she could say anything else the bell rang and the teacher looked up for the first time.
“Good morning class, today we will begin the study on the Meiji era in Japan,” She began then widened her eyes slightly when she finally noticed Kallista. “Oh good, our new student is here. Welcome! You must be Kallista Noble. I am Mrs. Whims. I hope you will enjoy your time with us at the academy.”
Everyone was staring at her, Kallista didn’t know if she should respond or make a speech. All she could manage was a small smile and a “Thank you.” The pretty teacher beamed warmly at her then proceeded to instruct the class, at the same time handing Kallista her own textbook. Glancing over at Alice she saw the girl was rapidly taking notes like most of the other kids. One girl stood out from her classmates.  Instead of taking notes she stared at Kallista with intense hostile eyes, sending her unspoken words of warning.  Kallista wondered if the girl’s pants were wound up to tight.
“That’s Clare Winterburn,” Alice spoke lowly without looking up, “She doesn’t like you because your prettier then she is.”
Looking at Clare reminded her of that old saying, something about looks that could kill. Shuddering slightly Kallista was glad it didn’t work that way. Clare’s dark eyes narrowed even more as if she heard what Alice had said.
“Don’t worry, she doesn’t like me either, but that is because I don’t dote on her the way other students and teachers do. She is the school’s sweetheart.” Alice spoke as if reciting facts. ”Besides, what can she do to me? Our dads are partners in a huge law firm; we have to be nice to one another. Chances are she will be nice to you as because you are wealthy.”
Blinking her eyes at the point blank statement Kallista didn’t know what to say. Shrugging her shoulders she opened the textbook for that class and thumbed through the pages.
Thankfully she didn’t have to deal with Clare in any other of her classes and by the end of the day had adjusted somewhat to unwanted attention she was getting from her fellow students. It still hurt to think about why she was in the situation she was in now. If people knew just how much she cared for Lady Serena no one would have ever accused her of murder.
The ride to her home seemed to pass in a blur. Mr. Samuels looked at her in concern but did not interrupt her thoughts.  Instead of the home in the country, the chauffer drove her to the townhouse.
“I was instructed to bring you here, Lady Kallista. Dr. Tyler will meet you inside and help you get settled in.”
“Thank you Mr. Samuels,” She responded with mild surprise.
"We thought moving you here might be better for you since it’s closer to your school. But if you want, we can take you back to the estate tomorrow.”
“This will be fine.” She answered with rising excitement.

Only once had she been to the four story townhouse and that was a year ago. It looked the same as it did back then.  Made strong yet elegant out of stone the house was build high so that the first story windows could be counted as second story windows. The grand double front doors were rounded in old European style, lending eager expectations to what was inside.  Bay windows sat on each side of the double doors graced the front. The rounded windows on each floor reflected the afternoon sun, shining like diamonds.
She walked up the steps, the door opening before she got to the door.
“Welcome home, Kallista.” Dr. Tyler smiled.

Greeting him, she stepped into the foyer.  On either side were the entryways into the living room and the library/office. Eagerly she walked into the library. She had not been allowed in there last time.  Books filled most of the shelves in the two story room. Cozy leather chairs were placed near the window and close to the iron Italian railing. Eyeing the built in window seat with the pretty cushions,  she sat down and allowed herself to finally relax.
“I will bring in some hot cider Kallista, if you want.” Dr. Tyler said.
“Thank you, but you don’t have to wait on me.”
“You have been through a lot these last few weeks and today was a big day.” He smiled kindly. “Let me get some for you before I leave.”

In a few moments she had her cup of cider and sipped on it while looking out the window. It had been a while since Mr. Samuels had parked the car in the underground garage out back. Now he was probably in his home enjoying his time off, she mused. Rain startled to fall as she continued to gaze outside. Below her window and across the street people were hurrying home on the sidewalk. Shivering she was glad she was safe inside. Then she noticed something odd. Across the street someone was not moving. Instead they stood outside in the pouring rain staring right at her.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Dublin Daes/Purple Roses Chapter Two

Kallista woke up to a dark room. The last thing she remembered was falling unconscious to the floor in Em’s hotel room. Now she looked around and found herself alone.  For a moment she sat with her heart thumping wondering if everyone had left her and headed home. It would not be the first time.  There was that incident at the LAX airport last month with the baggage claim roller coaster ride.
Wincing, she pressed her fingers to her neck feeling the open wounds.  It was all still blurry about how she came to get the sounds. All she could remember was a dream where she was alone in a park at night. The rest of it was faded from memory.
Weakly she got up and moved like an old woman towards the door. She had just about reached it when someone stormed through, thrusting the door open sharply. The door caught her in the face sending her wheeling backwards till she fell on the bed again.
“Huh, door must need fixing,” Daniel said as he came in with the others following close behind.
“Looks like Kal is still sleeping,” Noam commented, disappointed.  “I was hoping she would be awake by now so we could find out what happened. “
“Chances are one of my enemies chose Pendragon, knowing she is the weakest leak to give us a warning. We have gotten too close for their comfort.” Drew answered.
“To close to what? Are you going to tell us now?”  Adra asked then turned to Kal who was just opening her eyes again. “By the way, thanks for taking one for the team, Kal.”
Looking somewhat confused, Kal just nodded and smiled.
“Might as well tell them,” Em spoke to Drew grimly. “They’re already involved now.”
Sighing, Drew ran a hand over his thick hair and nodded his consent. “Fine, if you trust them then so will I.”
Emerald took a deep breath and paced the floor while the others settled in and waited.
“To put it simply, when I returned to Ireland this last time, I encountered…..something unusual. It was night and I was by myself, just walking the streets alone and thinking about…..things.” Em paused and turned away to try and compose herself.
No one said anything knowing she was remembering Chase. Taking a deep breath she turned back towards them.
“I was attacked that night, or at least I thought I was.” Em continued, “I had stumbled into a fight between two werewolves.”
Shock filled the room but Em pressed on, lost in the story of that fateful night.
“It was a fight between brothers, but at that moment I didn’t know. All I knew was that what I thought was a huge dog was attacking me. I was suddenly used as a human shield against Drew’s attacks. To my surprise he did not attack when the other werewolf grabbed me.  That’s when I took matters into my own hands. I’m a Purple Rose after all!”
"So what you are saying is that Drew and that other brother are….werewolves?” Robin asked incredulous.
Instead of answering Drew stepped back a little from them and morphed into a silvery werewolf. Gasps of shock and awe filled the room.
“DOGGIE!” Kallista clapped her hands delighted then rushed over to cuddle him. ”So cute!”
Drew quickly morphed back to his human self while Octaboona and Daniel tried to restrain Kallista. All of them had seen many things in their short life but nothing like this.
“Impossible!” Flame stuttered, wide eyed.
“Apparently not,” Gep managed to speak as he swallowed hard.
If it weren’t for the fact that Emerald vouched for Drew, all guns would have been drawn on him at that moment.
“Emerald was amazing!” Drew claimed with admiration, as he continued. “She whirled on my brother and punched him in the nose. He never suspected that a human girl could hold her own against the likes of him!”
“After that, Drew’s brother retreated. He uttered some kind of warning and took off. “ Em added.
"For a normal human Emerald is sure filled with fire.” Drew admitted with a smile. “She demanded to know what the hell was going on. I told her the same thing I’m going to tell you. There is magic in the world, particularly in Ireland. Right now there is growing dissention between magical races and war will be on us if we cannot stop it. I believe my brother is a major factor in this but I needed proof.”
“I stayed here longer to give him help with my expertise.” Emerald shared. “But I kept it to myself because I did not want you all to worry and to become involved.”

“But now your friend,” Drew gestured towards Kallista who was busy thinking up names for her “new pet” she was oblivious to anything else, “was bitten by a werewolf.”
That got Kallista’s attention fast enough.
“I’m gonna be a doggie too?”
Drew facepalmed.
"Do we get to put her down?” Flame asked hopefully. “She might have rabies.”
“No, unfortunately that won’t be necessary,” Drew answered, refusing to look at the girl who was practicing her barking.
"OK, what did I just say?” She asked Drew excitedly after a particularly loud yip.
"On second thought…” Drew muttered as the others tried to quiet Kal again.
“Because of your interference,” Em glared at Kallista, “We are behind now. Today I was going to go undercover in the business district.”
“There is a corporation there we believe is just a front for Deacon and his cronies.” Drew told them. “There is something going down there today. It may not be too late. I wanted to just take Emerald with me, but I will need to take Pendragon too, so that I can council her about what to expect when bitten by a werewolf.”
“Do they have books on that? Maybe; What To Expect When Bitten By Werewolves for Dummies?” Robin asked.
“No, but they should,” Drew muttered, and then spoke up. “For the rest of you, if you could keep an ear out, maybe at some of the pubs you visit. Just keep a low profile. Of course I know you already know that. However it feels better just saying it.”
“We’ve got this,” NJ assured him. “This is unusual sure, but we are trained to handle anything.”
As they went their separate ways, Kallista noticed it was dark out. She had slept the whole day.
“When will I change?” She asked once they got into Drew’s truck.
“Tonight,” Drew said keeping his eyes on traffic. “Your attackers really knew what they were doing.”
“I wish I knew what I was doing,” Kallista muttered while holding onto her neck.
“Just so you know, I am parking here, a block away from the building.” He said as he pulled into a parking space.  “Don’t leave my side Pendragon. The change will happen soon. Because of this we can only observe but not interfere if at all possible.”
“We’ve got a shadow at three o’clock.” Em said tersely.
Kallista looked at her watch. It was only nine pm.
“Great, what do we do until then?” She asked crossly.
Eyes rolled but before anyone could biff her, the daft girl bent over with a groan.
“It’s happening already,” Drew informed Emerald as he grabbed Kallista and darted into an alleyway.
“I’ll lose the shadow.” She spoke simply then strolled swiftly away.
Beside him Kallista bent and screamed between clenched teeth.
“As soon as the light of the moon touched you, you began to turn.” He informed her while keeping a watch out. “Just let it come. Don’t fight it.”
“I’m not gonna want to eat doggy biscuits or chase cars am I?” She spoke harshly between the pain.
“Chasing cars is fun!”
“Just kidding. Now shut up and finish changing.”
“What about you?”

“I can change at will at anytime. I don’t need a full moon. I’m a pure breed. You are a mutt.”
“Well, that’s ruff!” She wheezed, managing to laugh in between gasps of pain.
When the change was done, Kallista resembled a golden Pomeranian puppy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dublin Daes/Purple Roses Adventure Part one

A somber mood settled onto the group of weary teenagers as they trudged silently through the streets of Dublin. Above, the afternoon sun was hidden behind gray clouds doing nothing to chase away the fog below or the worry of the small group.

Clutching her coat tighter, Kallista glanced shiftily about, taking in the vast array of pedestrians hurrying to and fro from the various shops. Feeling unsettled she tried to keep in between Adra and NJ, unable to shake the feeling of being watched. Yet when she looked around, there was no one in particular who caught her attention.

“Do you think Em is in Dublin?” She murmured in a low voice to Adra.

“Not according to our sources,” Adra patiently responded, not taking her eyes off their destination. “However, we are about to find out just where Emerald might be.”

Without missing a beat, Adra led everyone through the heavy carved wooden doors into the cozy yet elegant book store.

The proprietor, Gepard Valk stepped forward, a pleasant smile on his face that slipped a little when he saw Kallista.

With a sigh he motioned them all to the private back room, meeting the apologetic eyes of Adra.

“I’m sorry Sam,” She murmured, calling him by his nickname as she went by, “Kallista insisted on coming.”

“No worries,” He sighed. “I know how it goes when dealing with her.”

As he closed the double doors, leaving his trusted assistant in charge, his gaze went around the room at the select operatives who had come for the mission.

Of course Noam and Daniel were there together, Octaboona standing beside them.  Adra and NJ were trying to keep Kallista from upsetting the drink cart as she spun in the lush leather wheeled chair next to it. Purposely ignoring the happy squeals, Robin, Flame, and Reginald looked the other way.

They were a small group out of the entirety of the Purple Roses. There were many who Sam counted as friends who could not be there.  But he knew that help was finally there to seek a lost friend and fellow Purple Rose.

“In addition to Emerald missing, there have been some strange activities occurring during the nights here in Dublin.” Gep pressed on as he gestured for the tired and weary group to help themselves to the refreshments.

Listening, they settled in and took for themselves whatever Kallista had left behind.

“What kind of strange activity are we looking at?” Robin asked, her keen eyes focused on her friend Gep.

As the others looked towards him expectantly, Gep hesitated.

“It’s hard to explain…” He began slowly, “It’s something we have never encountered before in our previous cases….”

“Just spit it out Gep, quit stalling.” Flame snapped, impatient.

The two glared at each other long and hard even as Gep tried to come up with the best way to put it.

“Magic,” He finally spoke, so softly that everyone has to lean forward.

After a moment Kallista spoke, breaking the silence.

“You mean like LEPRECHAUNS?” she breathed out in wonder, “I should have brought my trusty cereal, Lucky Charms. They’re magically delicious!”

Once again everyone found themselves trying to ignore her as she attempted, over and over, to kick her heels together without much success.  Despite the loud thuds that occurred each time Kallista fell on her face, they managed to carry on.

“There are some things that can never be fully explained.” Gep said. “What happens here at night in this city is unexplainable. What I have seen is amazing. People have disappeared in front of me without a trace. I’ve been stalked by something that I barely got a glimpse of and it was not human.”

Noam felt the hairs on the back of her arms raise. She had known Gep a long time and he was never one to joke during serious situations such as the missing Em.

“People have been reported missing. So be careful when you are out there.”

A scream cut through the eerie silence like a knife. It was Kal and this time there was a look of fear on her face that replaced the usual stupid looking one.

“There was a face in the window, a huge hairy doggy type of face!” She burst out at their questioning looks.

“Impossible,” Adra said as she went to look out the back window Kallista was pointing crazily at. “We are at second story position here in the back with the alleyway behind this building. Look, see how the alley slopes downwards from a hill? It’s impossible for even six foot tall person to look in, much less a dog.”

“Even if they had a ladder, we would have seen the person by now.” Daniel spoke as he looked out the window next to Adra. “I don’t see anyone in either direction, Kal. You must be overtired from the flight over.”

“Sorry, I forgot that it had not been that long ago since you all landed in Ireland. “ Gep sighed wearily. “It’s best you head to your hotels and get settled in. I will be over later this evening and will tell you more. I have a lead on where Em is.”

“Tell us now, Gep. We won’t be able to get any rest till we know she is ok.” Octaboona spoke vehemently.

The rest of the group, minus Kal who was spinning in a chair, gathered around him and looked at Gep for long awaited answers.

“Fine then,” He brushed a hand over his head, as if to let out the stress that had been building for a long time.  “I’ve spotted her in the region of Killiney. There is a castle there, Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. Though it’s a fine hotel, there are not many people who visit there. It’s in the outskirts of the town, real desolate.”
“Not a good place for Em at such a time as this.” NJ frowned.  “But if she is safe then I will feel better.”

“Let’s just hope we can all convince her to come back,” Flame said. “As to what all this magic is, let’s just hope that it doesn’t get in our way.”

That night Kallista stood alone in her room, the only light came from the city lights outside. Shadows played along the wall, the only other thing moving besides her in the room. Yet she could not shake the feeling of being hunted. Even being on the fourth floor of the solid brick building did not give her a sense of safety. The usual muffled noise of evening traffic did not ease the growing fear. But even as it grew, she pushed it back and numbed it, willing it to be distant from her. That is what she always did when fear threatened her.  This time she was truly alone. There was no one who was with her who could help her.  Feeling detached she slumped against the side of the huge window and sank down to her knees.  Outside the wind was picking up speed, as if to warn against another rainstorm.  There were few people now outside braving the tempestuous night. Slowly her eyes drifted to the park across the way then darted back to the Green. A gasp escaped her as a huge dark shape seemed to have come out of nowhere, disappearing again into the small forest of the park.

“What the heck…” She sat up straighter, fear breaking through the false illusion of safety.

It was that same hairy dog thing she’d seen earlier.  By now she wanted to flee to the next room where Noam was and tell her, but she knew no one would believe her.

A sudden movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Standing just below her window, looking up at her was a tall man. She could not see all of his face, just his eyes. But they were mesmerizing.  Giddiness filled her and she rose then moved to the door to seek him out. It was her mission; she could feel it in her heart.  A few minutes later she was walking through the hotel foyer and stepped outside.

The next morning a quiet group met over breakfast in the hotel dining room. As coffee was poured and orders were taken, they noticed Kallista was not there.

“Where is that girl?” NJ wondered out loud, “We are supposed to head out soon.”

“I’ll go get her,” Noam volunteered.

“She probably got wasted on candy again.” Gep shrugged as Noam got up.

Just then, the ditzy girl they were all talking about rushed into the room. For a change she was dressed rather nicely with a pretty scarf tied around her neck.

“Sorry I‘m late!” she gushed as she sat down next to Daniel, pulling a startled Noam back in the seat with them. “I had the weirdest dream last night-“
“You can tell us on the way to see Em,” Gep interrupted her.  “We need to get going. I don’t like the thought of Em being on her own with all the disappearances I have been hearing about.”

Distracted by a plate full of French toast and syrup, Kal forgot about her dream.  Soon everyone climbed into the van and headed to Killiney.  

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel was breathtakingly beautiful. Kallista could see why Em wanted to be there.  It was Octaboona who hacked into the Hotel security and found what room Em was in.

“Room 306, let’s go!” Gep spoke as he read over Octa’s shoulder.

As rehearsed, the Purple Roses meandered in as pairs or single, as if they were all separate from one another.  Then they met at Em’s room where Flame picked the lock.

NJ was the first to go in, signaling to the others to follow her when she saw Em was in her bed.

Stunned, they stopped at their first glance of Emerald. Not realizing anyone had come in, the girl sat alone at a table staring down into nothingness.

“My gosh!” NJ exclaimed, “Em looks as white as a ghost!”

Kallista came straggling in then only to hear the last part of NJ’s sentence.

Shock and dismay covered her face as she gasped. “Em’s a GHOST?”

Gulping nervously Kal hurried over to Em before anyone could stop her.

“Em,” She spoke kindly and gently, trying to keep her teats at bay ”You need to go into the light. Don’t be afraid.”

“What?” Em looked up startled. “Kal?”

“Yes, it’s me sister.” Kal was weeping now. “We have to say goodbye and let you go on into the light.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” Em’s voice rose in bemusement.

“OH MY GOSH!” Kal staged whispered dramatically as she whirled back to her friends. “Poor Em doesn’t know she is dead! We must help her!”

Now Em was standing and staring aghast at all of them.  Kallista took Em’s hands in hers and crooned softly. “Don’t worry Em, I will be your ghost whisperer and help you into the light. Just promise not to haunt me!”

“I’m not dead!” Em snapped, yanking her hand from Kal’s grasp. “What are you all doing here? I thought I had told you all I needed some time to myself!”

“Oh no….” Kal spoke lowly as she scurried away quickly, “This is where ghost Em is gonna go berserk with her head turning all away around and stuff. GET BACK EVERYONE!”

Grunting intensely, she dove behind a couch and clutched a make shift cross.

“Em is not dead!” Everyone shouted at the quivering Kallista who was still not quite convinced.

Uncertain, she hung back a bit, occasionally darting forth to softly poke at Em’s arm then jumping behind NJ to hide.

“We need you back Em,” Gep began as gently as he could but getting straight to the point, “It’s not the same without you.”

“Are you going to make us grieve you too?” Noam asked quietly.

“I see what this is,” Em spoke through a clenched jaw, “You are the intervention group come to take me back home like a helpless little girl!”

“Not at all, Em!” Kallista spoke up helpfully. “We want to take you home as a helpless big girl!”

For all her helpfulness all Kallista got was an elbow in the gut.  While she stoop over and puked her breakfast out in the corner garbage can, Noam tried to smooth things over for Em.

“We want you home yes, you’re our sister after all!”

Em turned away from them with hunched shoulders. “You were not supposed to find me.”
“Well, we are the Purple Roses, we can find anyone.” Daniel smiled, encouragingly.

“It’s just that…I can’t leave now.” Em confessed. “I have been grieving yes, but I am on a mission of my own.”

Everyone waited for her to tell them more but she stayed quiet.

“Well?” Gep asked, slightly annoyed.

“Well, what?” Em looked back at them innocent.

“Aren’t you going to tell us about it?”


That was an answer no one took well, but Em ignored them as she walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. An awkward silence lingered about while they waited. Finally Kallista spoke up.

“I’m feeling kinda funny today,” She complained, rubbing her neck.

“Well you look funny so that’s no surprise.”

Kallista was the only one to laugh.

“What do we do now that Em refuses to go home with us?” Noam asked, worried.

“I say we kidnap her!” Kallista growled.

Everyone ignored her.

“I say you go home without me and let me come back when I’m ready!” Em spoke as she came out of the bathroom.

“We are worried about you, Em” NJ spoke quietly.

Em’s frustrated look melted as she surveyed them. “Look guys, I’m into something deep here; it’s best you don’t get involved.”

“You don’t think we can handle it?” Flame asked defiantly.

“It’s not that,” Em spoke with exasperation, trying to explain, “It’s just that-“

A knock on her door interrupted her before she could finish and the door flung open surprising them all, except Em.

“Emerald! Your friends are here and we need-“  The man’s voice died down as he stalked in and saw them all. “It’s too late!”

He looked at all the Purple Roses intently finally settling on the sleeping form of Kallista. Used to her odd antics everyone ignored her except for the strange man.

“Who are you?” Gep asked the obvious question. “What is it you and Em need to do?”

Adra took one look at Em’s white face and knew it was not good. She was staring at Kallista.

“This is not good.” She spoke lowly as she moved towards the prone girl.

“It’s just Kallista,” Flame shrugged, “She is never good. We want to know who this dude is?”

“And what he wants to do with us,” Octa added.

“I’m Drew,” The man spoke without looking at them. Instead he took off the scarf Kallista had been wearing. “It looks like your friend was bitten by a werewolf. I came to late…. You never should have come.”