Friday, January 25, 2013

Chase and Emerald's Wedding: A Purple Rose Story

This is a special story for Emerald. I had a good talk with her before writing it and was given her blessing to write it. It is done in honor of a special time in her life and for a friend and a husband who left us too soon. I found I could not let him go yet. He is a Purple Rose and I needed to show him as such.
Also, I have used a term, "surpise adopt" in here that refers to aninside joke about friends kidnapping one another.
I love you Em. You are like a sister to me and hope you enjoy this. *hugs tight*

Skyril sat at her desk eyeing the occupant in the seat across from her. The huge window behind Skyril let in a soft natural light that enveloped her in its soft glow, giving the lovely girl an angelic appearance.

However her expression was set in a thoughtful and somber way that conveyed the seriousness of the situation at hand. Leaning forwards slightly Skyril addressed the one before her.

“This will be a hard assignment for you. But it is necessary. You must be brave and endure till the end.” Skyril paused to show a bit of regret to the one she was speaking too. “You can do this. In a short while it will be over and you will be free.”

An excited yipe answered Skyril as the puppy sitting in the chair began to wiggle more, unable to sit anymore and wanting to play.

Sighing Skyril got up from her desk and went around too pick up the fluffy brown and white puppy. Immediately she got a face full of puppy kisses and felt the little warm body wiggle as the tail went into over dive at the puppy’s happiness.

The director of the Purple Roses could not help but laugh has she carried the puppy from her elegant office. Leisurely she made her way to the girl’s wing situated on the left side of the huge mansion, enjoying a peace and solitude that she knew would be short lived.

As expected the wing was in an uproar and chaos reigned as girls ran from room to room grabbing things and rushing back to Emerald’s suite at the far end of the hall. Today was Emerald and Chase’s wedding. Everyone was brimming full of excitement and anticipation for the celebration ahead. Even the day reflected the magical mood as rare December sunshine filtered in through the grand windows.

Skyril stood a moment with the wiggling puppy in her hand taking it all in. There was Adra dashing back from her room back to Em’s room, holding a blue ribbon triumphantly in her hand.

“I’ve got something blue!” She shouted as she passed NJ and Luciana who had also gotten something blue for Em.

Disappointment crossed their faces as they saw Adra would make it back to Em’s room before them.

“Dang it!” NJ muttered as she turned to go back into her room.

“Wait! Something BORROWED!” Luciana remembered out loud then looked at NJ’s renewed hopeful face and cursed herself silently.

Both eyeballed each other crazily for a moment in a silent stand off before whirling back into their rooms to see who would be the next to offer that extra something that Em may need for her wedding.

Choking back laughter Skyril made her way to the end of the hall neatly sidestepping Noam and Lavender as they raced out of Em’s suite on a very important mission.

“OK puppy, your time is here.” Sky whispered as she spied the puppy’s assignment on the far side of the room, already tied up and under the watchful eye of Lizzy.

Snarling in what she thought was scary, Kallista sat bound amid extra tulle and lace, some part of her own dress.

Raising an eyebrow as she spotted the black mask lying nearby, Skyril opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by male voices coming down the hall.

“I don’t care if this is the girl’s wing.” Chase was replying to his companion. “I need to make sure Kallista does not kidnap my bride! You know how she is with everyone else; that dratted Thief in Black!”

“Relax Chase!” Sky recognized Sam’s voice. “You know that Em can handle Kallista.”

Overhearing the voices coming closer, a look of startled fear replaced the snarling one and Kallista dove in deeper in the pile of shimmering tulle, completely missing the fact that her raised derriere was exposed,  featuring pink Hello Kitty undies.

Sighing, Skyril turned and faced Chase, Sam, and Flame stepping in their way as she did so.

“You know what they say: It is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” She smiled.

Unfazed Sam managed to slip past her and entered the room. But Sky would not get out of Chase’s way.

“Bad luck? It is never bad luck to see my Em, no matter what the day or time is!” He proclaimed with a smile. “Now, she is still around right? Kallista has not tried to take her or anything yet?”

“I’m not here!” Kallista’s muffled voice called from beneath her pile.

Rolling her eyes Skyril turned to look even as she started to reply to Chase. All words left her however as she caught sight of Sam who stood right behind Kallista’s raised hinie with his foot pulled back, as if ready for a kick off.

“Sam! No!” Skyril shook her head warningly.

“DO it Sam!” Flame shouted with glee.

 “Wait! I have a better way.” Sky pointed to the puppy.

Flame and Sam backed off but looked disappointed.

Lizzy looked over and saw Chase trying to peer into the room. His eyes searched till he spotted his bride in the midst of giggling girls, her bridal dress already on.  Across the room, Em felt his gaze on her and raised her eyes to meet his. Unspoken words of love and tender promises passed between them. Relief filled his eyes as he backed away.

“Thank goodness she is still there.”

“Don’t’ worry Chase,” Sky assured him as she walked farther into the room. “We will make sure nothing interrupts your wedding.”
“Kallista tried once to kidnap Em but was quickly caught by all of us and hogged tied.” Lizzy said helpfully.

“No I didn’t!” Kallista’s voice sounded defiantly underneath the fluffy material. “I am INNOCENT!”

“Oh, Kallista!” Skyril called to her enticingly. “Look what I have got!”

Two crazy eyeballs popped up and peered intently at Skyril then lit up as the puppy was spied.

“PUPPY!” Kallista happily sprang up out of her “hiding place” and tried to reach for the puppy but fell over as her hands and feet were still bound.

“You see?” Skyril began as Lizzy grudgingly let Kallista go. “We have it all under control. Now you had better go and get ready yourself. The wedding is only an hour away.”

Skyril felt the puppy leave her hands and whispered to the poor thing one more time. “Be brave! We will rescue you after the wedding reception.”

Happily Kallista crooned to the puppy as she cuddled it. Skyril leaned against the wall momentarily watching her.

“The puppy has no name yet. I thought I would leave that up to you.”

“Octaboona!” Kallista spoke triumphantly.

“Half the dogs we have in our kennel are named Octaboona.” Skyril reminded patently. “Choose something else.”

“Octaboona One.” Kallista replied, pouting.

“Octaboona One through One Hundred is already taken. Choose something else. Remember, this time the puppy is a female.”

“Oh! How about Princess Rainbow Muffins!” Kallista squealed delightedly. “Or….how about Flower Sparkle River!”

“Well done.” A calm voice sounded in Skyril’s ear. “This should keep her busy for hours!”

Sky turned to see Emerald standing there, looking lovely in her wedding gown.

“That was the plan.” Skyril smiled at her friend. “You look beautiful!”

“Thanks.” Em replied as she turned to walk towards the window. “I think Chase approves as well.”

“So he saw you after all.” Skyril laughed. “Good thing we don’t really believe in luck!”

“He did,” Em confirmed. “He was not really worried about Kal. He wanted to see me.”

Shaking her head, Sky opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted. Again.

Lavender and Zafira rushed in, both already dressed up in the lovely bridesmaid’s gowns. Each had their hair styled perfectly with little matching flowers set in their hair. But on their faces was a hint of panic and uncertainty. Giving of uneasy glances towards the careless Kallista, the two reported to Em, whispering anxiously.

Even as they were speaking, NJ, Sparky, and Luciana reentered the room and made straight for Em. Not waiting their turn, NJ leaned in and spoke just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“The horse and carriages are here.”

Yet Em appeared not to have heard. She was staring wide eyed at Kal.

“Kal?” Em’s voice was dangerously low.

“Yes, Em?” Kallista looked up from her new puppy and smiled innocently.

“What is this I hear about you having some of the younger girls dress all your puppies into tiny tuxes?”
“Oh! Are they ready now?” Kallista’s face lit up brighter than the 4th of July fireworks. “I bet they look all adorable!”

“All one hundred of them.” Luciana facepalmed as she muttered.

“Here they come now!” Kallista clapped her hands happily as several of the younger Purple Roses led the lovable furry cascade of puppies into the room. “OCTABOONAS!”

Soon all that was heard was the joyful yips of puppies as the tiny Octaboonas all ran around the room, all dressed in dark tuxes. The girls who had been charged with the task of putting on the puppy outfits looked exhausted.

“Now all we need to do is get all the Octas to the church!” Kallista planned out loud. “They can be the processional lead!”

“Oh, no they are not.” Em said firmly. “The Octaboonas stay here, Kal. The only Octaboona allowed is the original, The Purple Poet.”
“Oh, he is a bit busy right now.” Kal said regretfully. “I don’t think he will make it to the wedding.”
“What do you mean, Kal?” Em glared at her.

Others glared at Kal too for getting Em upset on her wedding day. As usual Kal seemed oblivious to it all.

“I sorta surprised adopted him yesterday.” Kal said nonchalantly as she waved her hand airily around.

“You KIDNAPPED him? Again?” Em said, incredulously. “Right before my wedding?”

“I was bored.” Kal shrugged as she straightened the tiny bowtie from one of the wiggling puppies.

“Where is he, Kal” Em lowered her voice again dangerously.

The room was silent now as they waited for Kal to answer.

“Um….”Kal screwed up her forehead trying to remember. “…..I forget. I think... maybe in Spain.  Or was it Hawaii?”

Quickly stepping in between them, Skyril tried to calm Emerald down. “I am on top of that situation.” She spoke briskly to everyone who was concerned. “I already found out about it and have a team sent to retrieve him. He was in Peru, by the way. They should be back anytime.”

Glancing down she looked at her watch. “And here they are now.”

Sure enough, a helicopter was heard flying low overhead towards the landing pad on the roof beyond the dome.

“Who did you send?” Luciana asked as she went to one of the large windows to look out.

“I sent Noam, Daniel, and Hellboy.” Skyril informed them. “Octa is fine and will be with us shortly.”

Making some hand motions to the other girls she signaled them to tend to Emerald and getting her calmed down again for the wedding.

“As for you, Kal…” Sky’s voice was low and dangerous this time like Em’s had been a short time before. “You are coming with me.”

“You are taking me to the brig aren’t’ you?” Kallista asked glumly as Mar, Thalia, and Lydia stepped forth from the other girls to escort her away.

“We don’t have a brig.” Thalia said as she took a firm hold on Kal’s arms.

“We SHOULD have a brig!” Kallista replied hotly. “Then I could go to it.”

Used to Kal’s ridiculous theatrics, Mar and Lyd wisely ignored her.

“We don’t have a brig but we have a detention room. That is where you are going to stay until the wedding Kal.” Sky told her sternly. “You have caused enough trouble for one day.”

“Well, I am bringing muh puppy wuppy with me!” Kallista huffed. “I think I will call her Lil Rainbow Toots!”

Everyone in the room rolled their eyes as Kallista and her “guards” walked out of Em’s suite.

“One last thing, Em before you head out to the carriages,” Skyril spoke seriously. “I know you wanted this to be a private affair, but be prepared for a mass of fans lining the street between here and the church.”
Em frowned in mild annoyance.

“I don’t know how they got wind of it, but you know how easily things can slip.” Skyril went on hastily, “What with your fifth Dublin Daes book coming out and the first movie just opening, theses things are bound to happen. But we have some of our best girls working along with the police to keep the throng at bay.”

“Don’t worry Em,” Adra called out from across the room as she gathered the last of the supplies they would need. “We will get you to the church on time.”

“Thanks girls.” Em managed to smile, starting to feel more nervous than ever. “How about one more hug before we go.”

With giggles and sounds of understanding, all her Purple Rose Sisters gave her hugs.


Down the street, just ten blocks away sat the old elegant stone church. Built with stone and graced with colorful stain glass windows, the gothic church held many secrets and enduring stories during it’s time.  Now, on this day in December, the church once again would be host to a beautiful and eternal event, blessed by Heaven itself.

Down in one of the simple but charming chambers, sat Chase surrounded by his friends and many of the boys from the Purple Roses. All where there minus Sam who was to be Em’s escort to the church. Hellboy, Daniel, and Octaboona had just arrived.

“I can’t believe it! The day is here!” Chase exclaimed in joy, half in a daze, barely able to acknowledge the entrance of his new found friends as they arrived. “Today she will be my wife!”

“Not if you don’t hold still Romeo.” Flame said as he fumbled with Chase’s bowtie, finally getting it straightened.

“Where have you guys been?” Nix asked Hellboy, Daniel, and Octaboona as they came in.

“It was Kallista.” Hellboy exclaimed as he took a butter beer from the elaborate hor d'oeuvre table that had been provided for groom and his party as they got ready. “She surprised adopted Octa.”

“Again?” Zath asked incredulous as he munched on a tiny pastry. “Where did you end up this time, Octa?”
“Peru.” Octaboona answered happily as he thought about the great adventure he had there. “I saw so many alpacas and the people there were lovely! Had some very delicious meals.”

“He wrote down some poems and got us all some souvenirs.” Daniel smiled as he set down some colorful ponchos and Peruvian hats.

“WOW! SO COOL!” Flame gushed as he picked up one of the hats and put it on. “Can I wear this as I go down the aisle, Chase?”

“No.” Chase was not moved by Flame’s hopeful expression. “But after the wedding and reception, you are free to do what you would like.”

At that moment the door opened and the pastor poked his head in.

“It’s that time, gentlemen.” He spoke smoothly. "The bridal party is already here and I can see the bride herself coming down the street.”

“It’s crazy out there.” Daniel frowned. “There are so many photographers and fans of Emerald.”

“Her biggest fan is in here though,” Chase replied with a smile. “She will be fine. Nothing fazes her.”


“Except Kallista.” Flame coughed as they moved up the curved stairway.

“Yeah, but Kal fazes everyone.” Hellboy remarked as he walked with hands in his pockets.
“After yesterday she was not allowed to be in the wedding party anymore.” Zath laughed as he remembered.

“What happened?” Octaboona asked, curiously.

“She wanted to be the flower girl but stole all the flowers instead. She simply drove off with the whole flower delivery truck!” Chase said darkly. “Then she somersaulted down the aisle during rehearsal. Not a good role model for Em’s son nor my children.”

Passing by a window, Chase managed to get a peek outside. What he saw made his heart flutter. His Em was enclosed in the elegant carriage but he could still see her beautiful face, framed by a veil. She had not yet covered her face and he was glad of that. It made him happy to see her eyes shining.

“She is so beautiful.” He breathed with feeling.

“Kal?” Nix said doubtfully.

“No, Em.” Hellboy nodded towards the window. “I am guessing he just saw her.”
“We best take our places then.” Flame said as he tried to hurry them all up. “I don’t know how much longer Chase will hold up on us.”
Prodded by the good natured teasing Chase walked the rest of the way in a dreamlike state.

Family members and friends were already seated in the pews and the ceremony began. In front sat the musicians, a string quartet, playing the wedding music perfectly. Chase walked down the aisle with the formally robed pastor and took his place by the man’s side to watch the wedding party enter.

There was Sparky looking lovely in her bridesmaid dress as she was escorted up the aisle by Nix.

Next came Adra and Flame, smiling and beaming their happiness on such a wonderful occasion. Then it was Luciana’s turn as she walked down the aisle with Zath.

“So far so good.” Noam smiled as she slipped in between her friends to sit next to Daniel. It took her a few moments to realize he could not take his eyes off her. She was so pretty!

Laughing Noam winked at him and encouraged him silently to watch the rest of the procession. He did his best.

Last of the bridesmaids came NJ as she was escorted up the aisle by Hellboy.  There they stood at the front of the congregation, all looking splendid in their wedding finery. Then the music changed. The organ joined in as the musicians all took up the celebratory triumphant wedding march. All rose as the bride started down the aisle, escorted by Sam. Gasps filled the air as people caught a glimpse of the bride. Anxiously Chase tried to get his first glimpse over the heads of the standing crowd. How he wished they would all move! Barely could he see the soft white of the veil as it moved towards him. Em! His heart cried out to her silently. Then at last he had his first full view of her. All breath left his body as he was stunned by the splendid beauty she radiated. So beautifully divine: a queen! His queen! Surely she outshone the very angels in Heaven!  His heart beat wildly in anticipation. This queen was going to be his wife!

With her heart swelling Em gazed back at her intended, standing there looking so very dapper and handsome.  Soon she would be at his side, where she belonged.

Watching the magnificent proceedings from next to Daniel and Noam, Raven smiled happily.  Everything was going so perfectly. Emerald looked so exquisite in her designer gown! In habit, Raven moved to turn around and comment on it to Kallista. But the girl was not there. Briefly Raven recalled that she had not seen Kallista ever since she was taken away earlier.

“Where is Kallista?” She asked Lyd in a whisper.

Lyd shrugged her shoulders then her eyes widened as she pointed up towards the ledge just above one of the tall windows near the front.  Curious Raven followed Lyd’s gaze and saw to her astonishment a figure dressed all in black, complete with a dark fedora. Sitting beside Lyd, Mar cursed under her breath. “Kallista!”

Thalia glanced at them frowning, wondering what the commotion was. Mar simply pointed and Thalia facepalmed.

Posed with a rope in her hands stood a masked Kallista: a wicked grin on her face. Raven wondered when the baffle brained girl had had time to tie up a rope to the top of the arched ceilings.

“Someone please tell me I am seeing things.” Lizzy scowled. “Please tell me Kallista is not going to attempt to surprise adopt Em on her wedding day!”

“Actually, it could be any of the wedding party.” Raven pointed out reasonably. “They are all in her line of fire.”
“We have to get rid of her discreetly.” Mar said.

“We have to alert Hellboy and the others first!” Noam said hurriedly. “If we don’t do something quick Kallista will ruin everything!”

“Again…” Daniel added.

“Wait, Hellboy sees her.” Raven said. “Look, he is not worried.”

“Maybe he knows what to do.” Noam said hopefully.

All turned their eyes onto Kallista who was striking a heroic pose. Then with a Tarzan cry she leapt of the ledge and swung towards the Wedding party.

Calmly Hellboy stepped forward and moved Chase back, beckoning Em to wait a moment.  Briefly Chase was puzzled till he heard the Tarzan cry and Kallista swung by, her cry turning into a scream as she crashed into the stone wall on the far side spread eagle, sliding down to the floor in a slump. Then the music started back up and Hellboy stepped back into place, a job well done.

Smiling proudly, Sam handed Em over to Chase as the ceremony progressed. In words rich with meaning and depth, the pastor spoke about a life lived together filled with love and promise. Together Chase and Em listened, cherishing every word that was binding them together.

Finally came the long awaited statement from the elderly pastor.

“Chase and Em, you are now married! Chase, you may kiss your bride.”

In enthusiastic display, Chase took hold of his beautiful wife, dipped her and kissed her passionately and tenderly. Never once did he hear the cheers of their family and friends. All he heard and saw was Em. She was his world.

“Family, friends, I know present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Chase Horowitz!” The Pastor said grandly.

Once more the musicians played a grand march as Em and Chase walked back down the aisle, this time together.

Out in the entrance hall, Chase and Em greeted their guest as they came out. Last to leave was Raven and Lyd, both dragging a dazed and half-conscious Kallista by her arms.

“Sorry Chase and Em for Kallista. We thought we had her contained.” Raven said regretfully.

“Oh, I don’t blame you dear.” Em hugged her.  “I Know how Kal is. However, she is not allowed at my reception.”

“OK. We will keep her with the staff, and put her to work.” Lyd promised as they hauled Kal out of the church the rest of the way.

The church bells rung as Em and Chase left by the front doors of the church. They were met by a throng of family and friends who lines the sidewalk all the way down to the horse and carriage.

Rose petals were tossed gently over the laughing wedded couple as they made a mad dash to their ride.

“See you all at the reception!” Chase called back over his shoulder, jovially as he helped his bride into the carriage.



Waiting for Em and Chase was the elegantly decorated ball room of the Academy where they would be hosting their reception. Em loved the location as it showed the perfect views of the river that wound its way in the back of the property.

Like a king and queen, Em and Chase were led in and seated at the head table. Other guest filled in and sat at elegantly designed tables with fancy place settings with the bridal party given seats of honor around the bride and groom.

Back ground music played as a feast was laid out. Chase leaned over and whispered. “Are you sure we can’t skip this part and go on our honey moon?”

Em was about to reply but NJ cut in, after overhearing.

“Don’t you dare leave us yet Mr. and Mrs. Horowitz!” She scolded them mockingly. “We have to party first! Plus, there is the cake!”

Em looked over to see the five tiered cake sitting tantalizing nearby with wedding presents piled up all around it.

“Sorry, my love. But you are going to have to wait a bit longer.” Em smiled sweetly at her husband.

Groaning he good naturedly smiled back.

It started out small but then grew; the gentle tapping of utensils to the drinking glass, causing a ping sound.  Chase knew what that meant.

“You want me to kiss my bride?” He stood and roared to the crowed.

They roared back enthusiastically.

“Well you don’t need to tell me twice!”

Pulling up his bride he swept her off her feet and happily kissed her. Applause followed as the happy couple sat back down.

Lavender took that moment to stand up and say a poem that she had written just for them then toasted the newlyweds.

Several more speeches where made before the couple went up to cut the cake. Soon everyone had a slice of their own and enjoyed the delicious confection.

“I would like to call Mr. and Mrs. Horowitz up here for their first dance!” Sam spoke from the microphone gesturing for his wedded friends to come forwards, eager to get the party going.

Holding out his hand, Chase helped his bride up then grandly led her to the center of the room. Lights dimmed somewhat as a beautiful song came on. For a long moment, everyone watched silently and blissfully as Chase expertly led Em around the room in graceful sweeping motions. Then others joined in dancing and the party was well underway.  The afternoon melted away into evening and the party continued with no sign of abating.

Well-wishers passed by frequently, eager to pass on their blessings to the newlyweds. Em’s giggling bridesmaids came next and pulled her away from her love for the bouquet toss.

Everyone watched as the girls all waited, hoping to be the one who caught the flowers. With her back turned, Em tossed the bouquet gracefully over her shoulders.

Eager hands reached out hoping to be the one who was lucky enough to catch it. Cheers went up as it was revealed that Noam caught the bouquet.

“NOAM AND DANIEL ARE NEXT!” Sam cheered into the microphone before he announced the next activity.

Noam blushed and hid her face in the flowers as Daniel laughed and hugged her.

But Chase was done with it all. Gently he led Em through the arched French doors that lead to the back of the property. Like a true gentleman he had her winter dress coat waiting and put it around her shoulders. Carefully he led her to the embankment. Gazing around in wonder, she could not help but gasp.

“What is this, Chase?”

“Sit down and I will tell you.” He spoke like a prince as he bowed before her, motioning to the fancy padded chair that was there mysteriously.

In amazement she did so as she gazed up and down the silent stream. It had frozen solid and someone had lined either side with candles. Lights lit the way brilliantly down the way. With the stars above shining on this winter’s night and the lights blazing warmly below, Em felt she was in a fairy land.

It took her another moment to realize Chase was kneeling before her and putting ice skates on her.

“Now it is just you and me under the stars, dancing.” He said softly as he pulled her back to her feet.

She saw that he had put on skates too during the time she had looked at the landscape. Music poured out of strategically placed speakers from the musicians who played inside the ballroom. Together they danced under the moon and the stars, along the ice of the frozen river, lit up by flames but never outdone, for the flame of their love will always live on.


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