Thursday, December 6, 2012


I stood alone after entering the great cavern inside the mountain deep in the Hungarian woods. It was true as the legends claimed the body of the original vampire, Vlad the Impaler was buried there. Somewhere in that room I would find the coffin that housed his body. Shivers went up and down my spine as I realized I was close! Slowly I raised my camera to record this historical event. This was sure to make me famous! I, Kallista Pendragon had proven a legend was a FACT!

Noam rolled her eyes as she leaned against the doorframe while listening to her friend, sister, and fellow Purple Rose share the story of her adventures with a bunch of wiggling kindergartners.  Most where listening with fascination and horror on their little faces. But a few of them looked slightly skeptical.

“I thought Count Dracula came from Transylvania!” One little boy challenged her.

“Only in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, little boy!” Kallista spoke superiorly to him, her face a mask of righteous indignation. “Now, no more interrupting the adult when speaking tiny human, or else I will noogie you!”

“My name is Timmy.” The little boy grumbled but listened to the crazy old lady.
"Timmy, look into my eyes." Kallista instructed as she knelt down by him. "How old are you?"
"I am six years old." He responded proudly.
"When I was your age, I was older then you!" Kallista informed him wisely.

“Ms. Pendragon.” Noam called pleasantly over the heads of the little darlings, interupting the heart to heart Kallista was having with poor confused little Timmy. “May I have a word with you?”

“Of course you may!” Kallista’s face broke out into a huge smile as it usually did when she saw Noam.

Sighing Noam braced herself for a flying tackle hug and lots of darting little noogies from an overzealous Kallista.   It came a moment later and Noam found herself on the floor of the elegant museum.

“Sister dearest,” She began pleasantly as she picked herself back up from the polished floor. “I thought that you would be supervising the St. Michael’s kindergarten class as they explored the children’s museum section. We have it set up just for that purpose; to provide learning in a fun and unique way where a child can learn while exploring.”

“But I was BORED!” Kallista whined as she cuddled her beloved sister, completely forgetting about professionalism while in public.

“You are telling them a story and presenting it as the truth.” Noam scolded her gently.

“NO, it is the truth!” Kallista insisted, her eyes wild as she pulled away. “I was just coming to the good part where I was confronted by the monster! It was HORRIBLE!”

“When did this take place?” Noam hid a smirk and raised her eyebrows.

“Last year,” Kallista whispered dramatically. “In the fall!”

“Last Fall you were in the hospital after a failed attempt trying to surf on a car while it was traveling on the highway.”

“No I wasn’t!” Kallista burst out after a moment.  “I was in the cave in Hungry!”

“OK then,” Noam signed with a smile. “What happened next?”

“I was FACE TO FACE WITH VLAD!” Kallista breathed with shaky breath as she “remembered.”

“Then we had a face off and were in an intense battle! He has stinky breath!”

“Oh yeah? Then what happened?”

“I died! He ate me!”

“Then how can you be here?”

Kallista stood frozen for a moment as she thought deeply how to answer.  Then with a straight face she looked upon Noam and calmly booped her nose.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOP!” She voiced her sound effect then dashed madly down the hall while laughing in her traditional villain style.

Rolling her eyes once more Noam pulled out her phone to call Skyril.

“Let me guess,” Skyril said before Noam could say anything. “Kallista left her post. Again.”

“Yep,” Noam confirmed. “Normally I would volunteer so as to keep the Purple Rose’s name honorable, but I have an important engagement to keep.”
Noam smile to herself, her heart fluttered when thinking of this “engagement” by the name of Pyro.

“No worries Noam.” Skyril reassured her. “I had foreseen this and had taken the liberty and alerted Emerald. She is on her way.”
“Fantastic! Thanks Sky!”

Right on time Emerald strolled in as if just stepping out of a fashion magazine.  Serene and lovely her eyes swept professionally over the room taking in the situation. Nothing ever daunted Emerald and soon she had the youngsters in a happy mood again, leading them down the wide hall towards the Children’s section.

Noam smiled and nodded her thanks to her friend then left. There was still a lot she had to do before she met the one who held her heart. AS if on cue the love of her life called.

“Hi there,” She could hear his smile even through the phone as he spoke. “You look beautiful!”

“Liar!” She smiled as she left the museum and headed down the many steps. “You can’t even see me.”
“I see you all the time in my minds eye and you are always beautiful.” He responded easily. “But nothing compares to being with you in person.”

“Well, in a few hours’ time we will see each other.” She reminded him.

“I can’t wait that long.”

Startled she looked around. His voice was not coming from the phone. Turning she saw him standing there by the corner of the stately museum.

“I could not wait till tonight.” He said as he moved away from the building and walked towards her.

Overhead the Christmas lights glowed in the bare branches of the trees that lined the downtown area. Even though Noam thought the lights were up too early she had to admit she loved the festive glow they provided and with the man of her heart walking underneath them towards her, it made the most beautiful image in her mind.

For a moment all they did was embrace silently. Never did they take one moment for granted, treasuring whatever time they could get together.

“Are you sure we will have to……go through all of THAT before we can truly be alone tonight?” Pyro was the first to break the silence.

“You know how it is.” Noam smiled as she held him. “It’s become tradition. You know how she is. Nothing will stop her till she gets what she wants.”

“Well. As long as she does not hurt you I will play along.” Pyro nodded.

The “she” who he was talking about was none other than the dastardly Kallista Pendragon, a pest of a friend most times but still tolerated.  Mostly the baffled brain girl was harmless, but many of her schemes often inadvertently caused problems in one way or another.  Foolish as she was, Kallista never stopped to think. Over the last couple years she had fancied herself as the Thief in Black and taken to “kidnapping” her sisters whenever they went on special dates with their beloveds.

“This is Kallista we are talking about.” Noam laughed. “It is more likely she will get hurt than anyone else.”

“Well, as long as it is not you.” Pyro said grudgingly.

Together they turned and started down the sidewalk. Suddenly a figure dropped down before them with an “oomph!” Soft background music floated in the air of an inspirational chorus.

Two eyes peered crazily at them from beneath a scraggly golden wig that Noam figured was supposed to be curly angelic hair. The rest of the costume confirmed her suspicions. White robes were draped along the suspended form of the “angel” who’s only means of keeping air born appeared to be a thin wire tied to a harness that was barely covered by the heavenly garments. Two large wings that were covered in white feathers spread oddly over the dangling girl. Completing the angel look was a glow that eliminated the charming cherub, coming from the roof of the museum.

Glancing up Noam caught sight of a face that was looking back down. When the person on the roof of the museum saw Noam looking at her she gasped and ducked down.

“Hello Raven!” Noam called up to her. “Hello again, Kallista.”

“HI Noam!” Raven’s voice drifted down through a giggle.

“Behold! I am not this Kallista you speak of,” The angelic being spoke majestically, dramatically spreading her hands wide.

Beside Noam, Pyro sighed and looked at his watch.

“I am The Spirit of Christmas Present!” Kallista continued grandly, missing the fact that the wire she was dangling from was slowly turning her away from her intended audience.

Several spectators stopped to watch and stare.

“Uh, Christmas Spirit? Isn’t there first supposed to be a Christmas Past?” Noam found herself now facing an angelic bum.

Confused the “angel” wrinkled her forehead as she thought while at the same time wildly flailing her hands about in order to turn herself about once more.

“Um…no?” the angelic wordsmith voiced doubtfully with an expression that failed at being convincing. “Uh, now where was I? Ah, yes!”

Angel Kallista cleared her throat and began again.

“BEHOLD! I have come to bring you GREAT NEWS of GREAT JOY!”

“You do remember I am Jewish don’t you, Kallista?” Noam smiled mischievously at her friend. “We celebrate Hanukkah.”

A rare light of comprehension flashed across Kallista’s face that was quickly replaced by a sheepish expression. “Awkward!”

At that moment part of the halter snapped apart. With a cry of dismay Kallista found herself in the most odd of positions; not quite hanging upside down but almost. Now she was spinning while flailing uselessly.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN!” She hollered with a strangled cry, the wig flopping over in her face.

Up above Raven was enjoying a moment of peace, watching the clear December sky and pondering happy thoughts of eating Christmas cookies later on. In her hand was a biscuit with honey on it. Every now and then she would glance at the pulley that carried the weight of her angelic sister. So far it was doing its job making it easier for her. The container of honey sat next to it along with the remnants of white feathers that Kallista had used to hastily finish the wings she had started the night before.

When the stillness was broken with the shrill cry of her name, Raven jumped up in panic and rushed over to the side of the roof. In her haste she knocked over the plastic container of honey. To her dismay she saw it was still opened. In a noble attempt she lunged out to grab it, just barely missing it before it slipped past her fingers. Yet with her actions the rest of the feathers were also knocked over.

“Oops.” She muttered then munched the rest of her biscuit.

 She watched first the honey splatter all over the disheveled angel, than the feathers that floated gently down only to cover and stick to the honey coved flailing form.

“Hey, mom! LOOK! It’s a giant Piñata!” A child called from somewhere nearby in the square.

Alerted by this great revelation several children in hearing distance broke free from their parents and ran to see this great piñata. From somewhere somehow several Nerf baseball bats were produced. In moments the children where happily pounding at the wildly swinging piñata hoping for a big reward of candy.

“HEY! WAIT! OW! Oh!” Kallista tried to protest as she was struck from every direction but her voice was lost in the noise of happy children.

Pyro and Noam took this moment to slip away unnoticed. Breathing a relieved sigh Pyro grinned.

“Now we can go about our plans unbothered.” He said happily.

“Indeed.” Noam smiled and hugged him. “I will see you in a couple hours my love!”

Several hours seemed so long to her at that moment, but before she knew it, the appointed time was there. Like a true gentlemen, Pyro showed up at her door looking splendid in his tux. In his hands he held a bouquet of all her favorite flowers.

“Happy birthday, Noam.” He said as she came outside and graciously handed her the flowers. “You look beautiful. But then you always do.”

“Thank you.” She smiled brilliantly, dazzling him all over again.

To him, she looked like a young queen, lovely and majestic in her gown. Feeling like the luckiest guy in the world he offered her his arm and escorted her to the vehicle.  Everything seemed perfect. Just being with him anywhere made it magical.

A short time later they arrived at the elegant restaurant that was situated in the middle of the ritzy part of town and led to their table. In true fashion Pyro treated her like the princess she was and pulled out the chair for her. They placed their order and barely noticed when the dignified waiter left. As far as they were concerned, they were the only ones in the room. 

Her heart fluttered as she gazed upon Pyro. Surely he must be the most handsome of men!

“Noam, have I told you how beautiful you are yet?” He smiled at her as he gently held her hands on top of the finely set table.

“You have,” Her lovely eyes sparkled with happiness.

“Well, then permit me to tell you again.” He replied with heartfelt meaning. “You are the most lovely of all the woman in the world. It is a privilege and an honor for me to be here with you this evening on your birthday.”

Smoothly he pulled one hand away from hers to reach into his side pocket, pulling out a small jewelry box. Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes widened.

He was about to speak when the most dreadful sound reached their ears. Coming closer was a person poorly playing the violin.  Grimacing, the looked with displeasure on the offending waiter who disrupted a perfect moment. In shock they realized the “waiter/violinist” was none other than the impish Kallista.

In place of the failed angel wig she had on earlier was a darker more severe wig. It did nothing to hide the two black eyes she sported from her earlier escapades. Perhaps her fake mustache intended to do that as it covered bruised lips. But the fake handle bar moustache also failed as it slipped from its place falling hallway over her swollen lips.

Wondering where Kallista had gotten the waiters uniform or the violin, Noam shook her head incredulous.

Still as dense as ever Kallista played on thinking somewhere in her head that she was a true master. But the true master who was sitting beside Noam was not amused.

The light left his eyes as disappointment took over. This was supposed to be their night and Kallista was always turning up like a bad penny. He could understand her need to be with Noam and her love for her sister. Indeed, how was it possible NOT to love such a splendid person? But still, it was supposed to be a night for him and his love alone.

As patiently as he could he stood up and took the violin from Kallista just as the head waiter rushed up.

“Oh, Sir! I am so sorry for the interruption of your meal!” The poor man hurried to calm his client. “Be sure I have called this police and this imposter will be removed at once!”

With a clipped nod Pyro agreed as two policemen arrived to handcuff Kallista and take her away. Noam almost laughed aloud as she realized who the “policemen” really were.

“Sorry about this folks.” Officer Hellboy spoke officially, happy in his role. “We will get this perpetrator out of your hair and you can be sure….*cough*.... HE will not bother you anymore.”

Noam remembered then that the head waiter still thought the imposter was male and so Hellboy had been trying to keep that part true.

The other policeman leaned over and whispered hastily with a smile.

“This is the gangs present to you, that you can enjoy your meal in peace without worry from a kidnapping from the Thief in Black.” Octa told them, then with a slight of hand pulled out a couple of tickets and flipped them to the table without the head waiter seeing. “Here are a couple tickets for a concert; compliment of the Purple Roses.”

Brusquely the two policemen led out a protesting Kallista.

“Hey! I’M INNOCENT! INNOCENT I TELL YOU!” She shrieked dramatically then threw over her shoulders. “THIS IS NOT THE LAST YOU WILL SEE OF ME! I WILL BE BACK!”

She gave one last evil laugh before one of the policemen, impatient to be gone from there, hoisted her over his shoulders and strolled off.

“At last we can have our time alone.” She smiled happily at Pyro as he helped her back into the chair.

Once more he pulled out the small white box and opened it to reveal the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen! It was exquisite.

“Noam, you are the most amazing and wonderful girl I have ever known!” Pyro said as he knelt on one knee before her. “I know I have asked you before and you said yes, but I had been unable to give you the ring you deserve until now.”

It almost seemed too good to be true as Noam sat there, her heart overflowing with love and happiness towards this man who was before her.

“On this special day, for they can be no more special day then the day my love was born, I want to ask again,” Pyro took a deep breath then said, “Will you do the honor of becoming my wife?”

Before he was even done speaking Noam was there with him on the floor hugging him. “Of course I would! Yes!” She said happily.

His dreams coming true, Pyro slipped the ring easily onto her finger then led her gracefully out to the dance floor.

“You have made me the happiest of all men!” He said softly as he danced. “Thank you my love and happy birthday!”

“I do believe this will be the first of many wonderful times for us both.” She told him as she laid her head on his shoulder. “I love you Pyro.”

“And I love you, Noam.”

This is where she wanted to be and this was where she belonged.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAM! You are a WONDERFUL and AMAZING sister and I love you so much! *hugs tight*

May your birthday be a lovely and special one with many days just as special following it! XD


*Please note that I have used a real name and a taken name. The reason for this is because I was granted permission and requested by my Noam to use her lovely name. But I did not get (nor remember to get) permission to use Pyro’s epic name. So I used his epic taken name instead. :D Hope you all understand and forgive my slip.



    I think this is my best birthday ever. I wouldn't have dreamed to have so many good friends both irl and here on the blog, I feel loved and accepted and I love you all for giving me that place. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I do think, however, that this lacked some Pyred smooching. I really like smooching Pyro. He's /amazingly/ good at smooching.


    Uh, what was I saying again?


    I love you, Mickey, and I could not have asked for a better present! *hugs you forever and ever and NEVER LETS GO*

  2. I love this and it is so awesome to read another of yuor breathtaking stories.




    Wonderful story, Kallie!

    Happy birthday, Red!

    *hugs them both*

  4. Lol
    That was really brilliant!
    It was funny and adorable too.

    I loved the whole violin/ police officers part, lol. I laughed. Loved it!


    Secondly, I LOVE THIS!!
    *looks over at the adorable Noam and Pyro*


    I could not get enough of it! The story was just the right amount of awesomeness, and I must admit, made me laugh a bit too loudly on the bus several times...

    Brilliant, Kal! *HUUUGS*

    And I wish you a happy birthday as well, Red!