Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Very Special Emerald

A Smokey haze filled the dimly lit room, a result of so many people smoking in the seedy nightclub. Emerald sat at the table with a half dozen other people, her sharp eyes noticing at all times where everyone was and where the exits were. It was a skill she had mastered long ago, to observe without it looking like she was. Another thing she had learned was how to breathe normally despite all the cigar smoke that filled the space.

“So what are you going to sing for us today, Babe?” Bernie asked from across her.

Putting on her show stopping smile she fixed the object of her undercover assignment with a smile.

 “I thought I would start out with something slow and easy at first, Boss.”

A fat man used to power, Bernie liked to be in control at all times even over the staff of the Blue Moon nightclub where he took his wild bunch of bikers frequently. Everyone knew to call him by his nickname Boss rather than his own birth name. Calling him by his given name caused him to become enraged.

“That sounds lovely, Babe.” He smiled satisfied and settled back into his seat.

How she hated his given name to her. But she just smiled and moved gracefully to get up and head to the small platform that served as a stage. It all was routine now after several months of being there. Regulars where starting to trust her and she was sure now that she would get the proof she needed to bring two hidden drug dealers to light and to justice. How she longed to be back at the Academy of the Purple Roses. Instead she was stuck for a time in the middle of nowhere at a nightclub placed strangely in the outskirts of a farming community in Ohio. Rows and rows of field corn dotted the lone highway on either side of the nightclub.

Movement caught her eye as she walked unhurriedly to the stage. Two busboys stood near each other cleaning up a huge mess another patron had left. Sam and Flame being the professional spies that they were did not even glance at her. But she knew they were as aware of their surroundings as she was.

Reassured she hid her smile, confident that if something were to go wrong at least she would have two other Purple Roses there to aid her.

Wrapping her hand around the microphone she closed her eyes as the first strains of music sounded and prepared to sing the first few lines when suddenly a loud racket interrupted her.

“WHERE’S MY WOMAN?” an odd voice bellowed as a scrawny “man” entered in boisterously.

The door that was so raucously opened swung and slammed back shut on the dramatic posed figured. A surprised and painful sounding shout resounded from the other side of the door from the strangely garbed figure.

Trying once more the person reentered while keeping wild suspicious eyes on the door, hugging the wall with his back as he slid back in. Making a couple Kung Foo sound effects while raising his hands in Bruce Lee style the man bravely challenged the door that so badly slighted him, leaving a mark on his face where it had slammed shut.

By then the music had died down and Emerald inwardly groaned as “the man” then turned and sauntered up in what “he” apparently thought was a manly walk. It looked more like he had gotten stuck riding a bull for forty years and had only just gotten off.

Every eye was now on this person who wore a black leather jacket with its sleeves ripped off decorated with metal spikes poking out everywhere.

Trying not to facepalm was one of the hardest things Em had ever had to do. Kallista! She groaned inwardly.

On the fool girls head was a wig in the style of a wild Mohawk and her lower face was covered by a fake beard. It was apparent that Kallista has slept one too many times in class while the Art of Disguise was taught.

Somehow she had to get Kallista out of there before everything was ruined.  With dread she recalled other tales from fellow Purple Rose agents who had their missions ruined because of Kallista.

Over everyone’s heads Flame and Sam caught her eye and mouthed with puzzled astounded faces. What is she doing here? Is this part of the plan that we did not hear about?

All she could do was give a slight shade of her head and watch as the two boys looked at each other with dawning realizations.

By now Kallista had made it to the stage after managing to greet nearly everyone there like she was some sort of long lost family member.

“Well HI there buddy! Like your beard! Do you like mine? No? Aw well, mind if I have a swig of your beer?” The dim witted girl in her role of “biker man” talked with a an over gusted deep voice but only managed to sound a bit like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. “OH! Look at your muscles! They are BIG! Wanna look at mine?”

Em rolled her eyes as Kallista tried flexing her overly white scrawny arm but appeared to have strained something when her eyes went wide, gasping then suddenly clutching the arm close to her.

A sheepish look replaced the braggart one as she backed away from the un-amused crowd. Then she spotted Em and her eyes lit up again.

“There you are woman! Been looking for you for MONTHS now!” Kallista pointed dramatically at Em then scrambled up the few steps of the stage. “WHERE’S MAH DINNER?”

Now every eye was on Emerald too and questioning suspicions arose in Bernie’s eyes.

“Hey Babe? Do you know this guy?” Bernie asked in the hushed silence.

Oblivious as usual to all the trouble she was causing Kallista had thrown her arms around Em and whispered theatrically, “I MISSED you EM! But now I have found you and will help you!”

Sighing, Em improvised another skill she had gotten quite good at.
“Sorry about the commotion, Boss.” Em smiled reassuringly at the dangerous man. “This is my cousin. He has a bit of mental issues. Somehow he must have escaped from my aunt’s care.”

Em tried to make it sound convincing and only hoped Kallista had enough since to play along.

She did not.

Laughing with an over boisterous laugh Kallista jovially slapped Em on the back and boomed out. “Don’t be so silly Emerald!”

Kallista looked square at Bernie after she had finished eyeing the stage in a not so subtle way.  “Name’s Bob! I am really her old acting partner. Yeah, we used to do so many shows together! It was great! Remember the show we did in Toronto Em? Boy did we really wow the crowd with our yodeling act!”

“You yodel?” Bernie raised an eyebrow at Em.

Em wanted to hide.

“I can do a lot of styles in music.”  She smiled pleasantly back, aware that Flame and Sam were now heading towards her in hopes to help out with the unexpected situation. “Perhaps if someone can help take my delusional cousin out and watch him till my aunt comes, then we can get on with things. Oh! You two bus boys? Great!”

Wordlessly Sam and Flame each grabbed an arm and tried to maneuver the stubborn “Bob” from the stage.

But Kallista was having none of it. Snarling in her normal over melodramatic way she leapt over to Em and grabbed her around the shoulders, holding a candy cane pointed threatingly at her head.

“Don’t worry Em, I’m not really going to hurt you!” Kallista hissed under her breath as she glared crazily at the angry mob of bikers.

“Oh, I’m not worried.” Em replied dryly, ready to give up the whole mission.

Warily Kallista backed up waving her candy cane crazily at anyone who came near and using her “hostage” as a shield.

Before anyone could do anything Kallista did it herself. As she turned to dart back out a back door she knocked herself out when she caught her head on a low hanging sign.

 With a crash she landed on her face and did not move, the candy cane weapon now lay harmlessly beside her.

“Take the fool away!” Bernie demanded to a couple of his guys. “You know what to do.”

Pausing, Flame, Sam and Em looked at each other unsure of what to do. Bernie made the decision for them.

“Hey Babe, if you could sing that song for me now that would be great!” He demanded as he turned back to his business at hand.

Having no choice at the moment Em complied but underneath her calm exterior she was seething. Yet she let none of it show as she began singing, her voice a lovely blend of tones that carried the listener to the heavens in bliss. If any of them had been more bright and less arrogant they would have questioned how a voice so lovely could end up in a second rate nightclub.

The blue gown Em wore sparkled under the lights of the small stage, her blond hair shown and indeed it almost seemed as if an angel were before them singing. But Bernie never even looked She didn’t care, she was here for one purpose and at last it was here. She witnessed as a group of men came in and set down at Bernie’s table. Like a king Bernie reigned over it, taking advantage of the lovely distraction that Em was making but not paying attention himself. His focus was on the money he would get for passing along drugs to the other group.

He would pay, Em vowed as she kept her face pleasant. He would pay both for the drugs he sold for greed and for not respecting her and her talent.

It was nearly over though. Her team had the proof now that Bernie was indeed involved in the drug business and now he could be shut away. Using the small cameras Sam, Flame, and Em recorded the whole event. Nodding her head slightly she signaled Flame to make the call.

It was a glorious moment for her when a short time later the FBI arrived and taken them all by surprise. Arrests were made without incident.

With a smile on her face she watched as Bernie was led away with a confounded expression. Turning slightly he caught her looking at him and a realization dawned on him.

“Babe?” He questioned. “Did you have something to do with this?”

“My name is Emerald, Bernie.” She slapped him. “This is all on you.”

Stunned he was led away along with his gang and the other group of baddies who had chosen a bad day for business. HE was just a small fish in the pond a far as evil men go, but it was one less bad person of the streets and that made Emerald’s heart a little lighter.

“Well done Em!” Sam said as he came up beside her. “Now we all can head back to the Academy.”

“Just in time for your birthday and for Christmas!” Flame added happily as he came up on the other side of her.

Both boys has long since retired there grungy busboy aprons.

She has almost forgotten her birthday in her quest to put away the biker gang. Smiling she knew what she wanted to do. Once she got home she would take a nice long soak in the luxurious bathroom that was part of her bedroom quarters in the residential section of the academy.

“Come on boys! Let’s go home!”

Together they left forever the small dingy Blue Moon Nightclub.


A few hours later Em looked on with relief at the familiar sights of the Academy where she had learned so much and now taught occasionally herself. It was good to be back. Chatting pleasantly the three friends made their way through the grand entrance of the building only to stop a moment later, stunned.

“SURPISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!” A chorus of voices rang out as the dark hall was suddenly ablaze with light and all her friends.

The unexpected greeting brought a huge smile to her lovely face and she glanced at Sam and Flame to see if they knew about this.

The smiles on their faces told her they did.

“Thank you so much!” She responded happily as everyone seemed to want to hug her at once.

Colorful balloons and streamers filled the space making it into a cheerful celebration. Beyond her friends she caught sight of a large table piled high with gifts, a grand three tiered cake sitting beside.

“Oh wow, you guys didn’t have to do this!” Her eyes sparkled.

“Of course we did. We wanted too!” Adra smiled back. “It’s the least we can do for a beloved friend and Purple Rose team member!”

“Speaking of “team member,” I want to apologize for Kallista.” NJ said as she came up beside Em and hugged her. “We did try to stop her, but she slipped away from us.”
“Somehow she had found out where you were and the usual distractions of puppies, kittens and other adorable critters did not work.” Raven said apologetically.

“It’s not your fault.” Em responded gracefully as she moved further into the room. Someone by then had turned on the music and the party was full into swing. “I know how she can be. I am surprised the distraction of Octaboona did not work.”

“Oh, well…” NJ Started, “We had to hide Octa away so he could get some rest and relaxation from Kallista. He has some work to do anyways.”

Em nodded, completely understanding.

“Say, where is Kallista?” Raven asked as she looked around.

Flame and Sam shrugged as they eyed the cake but Em remembered. “Some of Bernie’s men took her away. I wonder where?”

“Never mind that now,” Sam said as he led his friend to her birthday cake” Make a wish! I want some cake!”
Em laughed as they all broke into singing the Happy Birthday song and she blew out the candles. It was good to be back home.

Somewhere in the field of corn was a securely tied “scarecrow” up on the post, practicing Christmas songs in a bluesy sort of Elvis style to wile away the hours until someone remembered her.

“I’ll have a bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue Christmas without yoooooooooooooooooooou….” She sang in her cookie monster voice.






    So hilarious! :') I couldn't stop laughing.

    You have such a talent in writing both action and humour.

    *hugs lots*



    You never fail to make me laugh. You have such a talent for writing with humour.

    A truly magical gift indeed.



    I love the Purple Rose stories soooo much!! I agree with Octa on the talent bit, you're INCREDIBLE! :D


    *hugs both*