Friday, October 12, 2012

The Doctor's Daughter: Part Two. Dedicated to Lizzy in honor of her birthday.

*This is a prebirthday present to my beloved sister, Lizzy. She has been more to me then I could ever hope or dream of in a friend and in a sister. She deserves nothign but the best. I love you sister! *hugs Lizzy tightly*


“Who are you?”

The question was asked by a small dark hair girl who stood looking from the carousal that just landed in the field not far from her home, to its occupant another girl of the same age with long black curls.

“My name is Kallista. I’m a Time Lord!” Kallista struck a pose proudly and waited for the other girl to look impressed.

She looked bored.

“If you say so.” The girl started to walk away.

“But wait!” Kallista called to her in a panic. ”Don’t you want to ride on the ponies?”

“Naaaah.” The girl replied as she made her way back home. ”I would rather have a gun. Ponies are for sissies.”

Kallista pouted and stamped her foot.

“Ponies are COOL! I am a TIME LORD! You HAVE to be impressed!”

Kallista got a mud pie in the face.

“You are too noisy. Go away.”

Kallista sadly wiped the mud from her face and turned around. Things were not going as she hoped. Everyone always seemed impressed with her father being a Time Lord. Why was it different for her?

She was near her Tardis when she heard a noise behind her. It sounded like a growl. Turning around nervously she found herself face to face with a vicious looking dog who bared its sharp teeth at her. It edged towards her slowly, menacingly through the long field grass with his large brown head lowered and threatening. Gasping in fear she began backing away from the large dog wondering if she would make it to the Tardis Two in time.  Whirling about she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her, distinctly aware of the hot stinky breath of the threat that was inches from the back of her scrawny neck. Fervently she wished her daddy was there. Eyes fixed on her one hope she watched it as it became closer and closer. She was going to make it!

Then the unthinkable happened. Screaming, she stumbled into a tiny hole, twisting her as she fell forwards. Leaping at the same time the dog launched its self forward and landed on her, pinning her to the hard ground. It lowered its head and growled next to her ear while she struggled to breath under the weight of the dog. Tears came to her eyes then as fear took over. Not able to stop them she let the tears pour from her eyes and her body shook with terrified sobs. Striking then the dog darted forward and clamped its big jowls around the back of her neck. Cries became shrieks of pain as she was tossed aside. It went for her again. But then suddenly there was a thud and the dog whimpered as it backed away. Its gaze was not focused on her anymore but the girl from earlier. In the girl’s hand was another rock and a baseball bat.  Throwing the rock at the dog the girl then wrapped both hand around the bat and charged forwards screaming. The dog was properly alarmed by now after receiving two unexpected wounds.  This other girl clearly meant business and the dog decided it had had enough of that place. With its tail tucked in between its legs it ran off quickly.

“Are you OK?” The girl asked mildly as she strolled towards the sobbing mini Time Lord, baseball bat propped up against her shoulder, casually.

“You SAVED me!” Kallista sobbed dramatically as she flung herself at the girl’s feet and hugged her legs.

“Awkward.” The girl remarked looking heavenwards.

“I am in debt to you forever!” Kallista went on. “From now on my life is yours!”

“Drama much?” The girl rolled her eyes then put out a hand. “Name’s Lizzy. Nice ta meetcha.”

Kallista put her hand over her heart and vowed. “I, Kallista the Incredibly Awesome Time Lord, do hereby vow to be a servant to Lizzy now and forevermore.

 “Cool!” Lizzy grinned. “Do you have any cookies? I’m hungry.”

A moment later both girls were inside the Tardis: Kallista tending to her minor injuries and Lizzy looking around in awe while munching on a chocolate chip cookie.

“Well Kalliewallie. If you had told me this was a MAGICAL carousel I would have come sooner. It’s HUGE in here!”

Kallista finished wrapping her neck clumsily in an old handkerchief she found lying around and walked back over to Lizzy. Smiling she hugged her new friend. ”It’s my Tardis. Tardis Two to be exact. My dad has the original one. It’s a space ship that can go ANYWHERE and can go backwards and forwards in time too!”

“Really? I wanna see!” Lizzy demanded and bounced up and down excitedly. “As my servant I demand you to fly me to show me.”

“Sure thing!” Kallista responded happily. Confidently she walked to the glowing purple light of the Time Rotor and gazed at it.

“You can come with me as I travel. You can be my companion.” She said with a fierce look in her eyes. “I am looking for someone.”

“Who?” Lizzy asked

“I’m not sure.” Kallista admitted. “But I know that somewhere in London is where I will find him. I think I got way off on my arrival destination though.”

“What makes you say that?” Lizzy walked up to join her strange new friend.

“This does not look much like England.” Kallista answered her as she went to the two small double doors and peered outside.

She turned back to hear Lizzy laughing.

“No. This is Connecticut. It’s a NEW England state.”

“Oh.” Kallista said in a small voice trying to recall the geography her mother had tried so hard to teach her. “This IS on planet Earth, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Lizzy laughed harder. This girl was nuts!

“Oh.” Kallista responded again, in a small voice. “What year is this?”

“It’s 2002, of course!”

Kallista groaned and ran back to the Time Rotor. “I am WAY off! Went back in time instead of staying in the current time!”

Lizzy ran to get a closer look as Kallista fiddled with some bizarre looking knobs and buttons.

“This should do it!” She cried out happily!

Lizzy heard a strange rhythmic sound then clung on the handle bar for dear life as the carousal began to shake and rumble. The whole thing shook then seemed to settle a bit. Suddenly there was a bang and Kallista looked triumphant.

“There! We made it!”

She ran towards the double doors and flung them wide open.

Outside in the sun sat a blond girl in the middle of a colorful chalk drawing on the pavement of an empty schoolyard play area. The girl seemed to be the same age as Lizzy and Kallista and was staring at them solemnly. A piece of purple chalk fell from her hand. Slowly she got up and made her way towards Lizzy and Kallista.

“Hi! I’m a Time Lord!” Kallista blurted out.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. But the other little girl didn’t pay them any attention. Instead she moved to one of the sparkly carousal ponies and hugged it.

“So beautiful!” She breathed out happily. “I want to ride it!”

“Of course you can ride it!” Kallista smiled happily. “You can ride it in space if you want too!”

The little girl narrowed her eyes as she looked at her companion. “That’s impossible!”
“Of course it’s impossible!” Lizzy replied. “But it still can happen. A moment ago we were not here. Yet now we are! I would say that is impossible too!”

“OK, then. Show me!”

“Tell the Time Lord your name first!” Kallista struck an important pose again sure that the girl would be awe struck and obey.

“Is she sick in the head?” The girl asked Lizzy.

“Just humor her.” Lizzy told her. “It’s what I did.”
“OK, fine. My name is Eva. Can we go now?”

“Welcome Eva to my Sparkly Rainbow Carousal Tardis!” Kallista bounced happily up and down.

“Dude! I thought it was just plain old Tardis Two!” Lizzy challenged her.

“It is whatever I decide it to be.” Kallista sniffed. “I think tomorrow I will call it the Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis FLOWERS! YAY!”

A few minutes later Kallista managed to start the Sparkly Rainbow Carousal Tardis and they were off into space. Never before had Eva had so much fun as she did then. In one hand she held a cookie. In her other hand, she held the reigns of the colorful wooden pony. All around her in the deep blue atmosphere stars twinkled and distant planets glowed. Even though the other two girls had tried to explain it was because of the Tardis that they were able to safely play on the outside on the carousal, Eva still did not fully understand. But then again she realized she didn’t need too. All she knew was that she was having fun and was safe.

Round and round the carousal whirled as the lights twinkled all around and the music played song after song. Three little girls rode with excitement and laughter, delighting in treats, from chocolate to ice cream while surrounded by stars.

“Hey, Kallie!” Lizzy called from the brightly painted giraffe. “Did you say this was a time machine too?”

“I did!” Kallista smiled with face full of blue berry pie. “I can take you anywhere in time because…”

“I’M A TIME LORD!” Eva and Lizzy shouted together then laughed.

“Why yes.” Kallista nodded confused and a little in awe of them. “How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Never mind that now.” Lizzy laughed. “I wanted to ask if you would take us to the Wild West!”

“Oh! That would be so much fun!” Eva squealed. “They have lots of horses back then.”

“..and guns!” Lizzy nodded.

Kallista didn’t’ know what to do. She looked at both of the eager faces of her friends and was torn.

“Well, I was on a quest to find the Purple Poet.” She informed them. “Ever since my father picked up on some of his poems that were being recited on the Tardis’ frequency I have known it was my destiny to be with him.”

“Please?” Eva gave Kallista puppy dog eyes. “It won’t be a long trip.”

“IwanttogotoAfricatoo!” Lizzy spoke quickly and firmly making it clear this was not a request.

“Oh, alright!” Kallista smiled.

She could not resist them as already they felt like her sisters. Between the three of them they managed to find the right settings and the Tardis set off on its next adventure.

“Who’s going to clean up this mess?” Kallista looked around at the scattered remnants of the deserts they had.

Delicate porcelain plates and tea cups set everywhere with half eaten cake, pies, cupcakes, and cookies. Her two loyal friends looked elsewhere and pretended not to hear. Kallista scowled darkly and was about ready to say something when the Tardis landed.

“YAY! We are here!” Lizzy shouted happily and ran to the front door.

Flinging it open wide she got an eyeful of African splendor. Color blazed all around as life bloomed before them. Several different herds were nearby.

“What are those?” Kallista asked Lizzy as she joined her.

Lizzy followed the direction Kallista pointed to a group of exotic birds.

“I’m not sure.” Lizzy wrinkled her nose as she tried to remember the name of the bird.

“What are they doing?” Kallista watched fascinated, her eyes wide.

“They are doing the mating dance.” Eve informed her as she walked past to stand on the edge of the platform.

“Why are they doing that?” Kallista was clearly puzzled.

“Umm….it’s so they can be married and have babies.” Eva told her.

“I see.” Kallista pondered and begin plotting.

Lizzy stared at her silent friend for a moment wondering if she was ok. She looked like she was having a bout of bad gas.

“Whoa! What are they doing NOW?” Kallista suddenly shouted. “That BIRD is attacking the other one!”

“Relax Kallie,” Eva said. “They are making babies now.”
“Time to leave!” Lizzy decided on the spot as she covered a stunned Kallista’s eyes and led her back inside the Sparkly Rainbow Carousal Tardis.

Leaving a deeply perplexed Kallista in the corner the other two figured out how to set the Tardis Two to the Wild West.

“Well, here we are!” Lizzy said as the Tardis landed.

“Good. I want some spurs.” A still dazed Kallista exclaimed as she hopped up from her seat. “I want a bowtie too. My dad wears bow ties all the time! Bowties are cool!”

What seemed like a matter of only hours in fact was three days.  For several intense filled days the girls witnessed and experienced many things including a duel at high noon between the sheriff and his disgruntled assistant, dancing on the bar top at the local saloon, and even a hanging. Granted it had gone wrong and the intended person managed to escape but still it was quite the experience.

Finally satisfied and all tuckered out the three amigos trudged back to the Tardis Two, Kallista’s spurs jingling all the way.

“Do you like me chaps and spurs?” Kallista asked proudly as she strutted through the doors of the carousal.

“You do look….nice, especially with your bowtie.” Eva tried to answer diplomatically.

“It was nice of the tanner to specifically make you a pair of chaps your size.” Lizzy added.

“Probably the gold I gave him.” Kallista pouted grumpily remembering all that the townspeople said to her. “And I am NOT adorable or cute as a cucumber. Everyone knows cucumbers are NOT cute!”

“Well, cheer up We can go see your Purple Poet now.” Eva reminded her.

“That’s right!” Kallista giggled gleefully rubbing her hands together in anticipation before dashing madly to the time Rotor.

“Get ready for the future now, girls!” Kallista said dramatically but the effect was ruined when her bowtie flipped all of a sudden, slapping her in the face. “Ow!”

Rubbing her nose Kallista worked out the details to get them to London England in 2012. Whirling and making its usual noises the Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers disappeared from the Wild West and set off to where Kallista’s heart was.

“We are here!” Kallista whispered excitedly as the Tardis landed a few minutes later. “Somewhere close is my Purple Poet! I can feel it!”

“Maybe that is just your stomach.” Eva suggested helpfully. “You did eat a lot of cake recently.”

Spurs jingled and the chaps made a slapping sound as Kallista rushed from the Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers too get a good look at London.

“No! It’s not my stomach He is here!” Kallista responded as she spotted a tall boy walk out of his house followed by another boy and a girl.

The three Londoners began walking and chatting to one another unaware they were being watched by a wild eyed child.

“He’s MINE!” Kallista suddenly growled and darted forwards. “Follow me!”

“What?” Eva raised her eyebrows.

“Just do as she asks.” Lizzy sighed and followed.

“HALT!” Kallista bellowed suddenly at the three Londoners, standing with outstretched hand “Which one of you is the Purple Poet? I know it’s one of you.”

Joseph or Octaboona as some called him, stopped to look at the strangely garbed child in front of him.

“Well, all of us are poets. But purple is my favorite color. Perhaps it’s me you are looking for.” He knelt and looked kindly into her eyes. “Are you lost? Do you need me to help you find your mommy and daddy?”

Instead of answering him Kallista looked back intently and stared dancing weirdly.

“What is she doing?” Eva whispered to Lizzy as they stood behind Kallista.

“I don’t know.” Lizzy answered the furrowed her brow. “Wait! I thing she is doing a mating dance!”

“WHAT?” Eva’s jaw opened up. “I guess we should have told her that it is just animals that do that.”

“You are going to be my husband!” Kallista proclaimed to the older boy.

“Oh, sweetie. He is too old for you.” The girl standing by the other boy said kindly.

As the other girl talked Lizzy looked behind her and saw an ice cream parlor.

“Hey!” She lightly slapped Eva in the arm to get her attention. “Let’s get some more ice cream!”

“Yeah!” Eva high fived Lizzy and the both of them dashed off happily.

Unaware of this, Kallista stalked up to the girl eyeing her crazily in what she hoped was an intimidating look.

“You are not trying to steal my fella are you?” She growled at the older girl.

“I don’t need to.” The girl smiled gently. “I have my own fella.”

Kallista looked at the other boy then understood.

“My name is Noam and this is Daniel.” Smiling, Noam took Daniel’s hands in hers. “The one you want ot marry is Joseph. What is your name?”

“My name is Kallista and I’m a Time Lord!” The tiny squirt growled out dramatically and then pointed to Joseph. “And I want HIM to be my companion!”

Once again her dramatic effect was ruined when her bowtie flipped and spun around weirdly several times slapping her in the face.

Frustrated the little girl stomped her feet. “You are coming with me. I’m gonna kidnap you! If you don’t come, me and my posse will wrangle you!”

“Umm…what posse?” Daniel asked, bemused as he looked around.

Frowning Kallista whipped her head around only to see her two friends where no longer there. Realizing she was now alone, Kallista looked back at Joseph and the others with wide expressionless eyes. This was not how it was supposed to be going.

“Would you like a piggy back ride, Kallista?” Joseph asked kindly as he knelt before her. “Perhaps we can find your mother and father.”

“I don’t’ need to find them. They are in the Tardis.” Kallista responded a little calmer. “I just want you to come with me and be my companion.”
“We can be friends, Kallista.” Joseph smiled warmly. “I still have to go to school and so do you. As friends we can have a lot of fun together.”

Tears begin to fill up in Kallista’s eyes as her shoulders sagged. He didn’t want to come with her. Frustrated she kicked at the sidewalk and ran away from them down an alley way.

Concerned, Josephs eyes followed her till eh could not see her anymore. “Poor little girl. I hope she will find her parents soon.”
“I am sure she will be ok, Joseph.” Daniel reassured as he and Noam started walking. “They can’t have been far away to begin with. We better hurry though. We are going to be late for school.”

“Well now, will you look at that!” Noam exclaimed suddenly as she looked beyond the boys. “I did not know we had a carousal on that corner.”
“Hmm…they must have put it there last night.” Daniel shrugged. “We can check it out later after school. You ready?”

All three friends continued to chat as they rounded the corner and set off for school. Hidden in the shadows lurking was Kallista with tears still in her eyes.  

“I will be back and you WILL be mine!” She vowed in a whisper.

“Whatcha doing?” The voice came loudly from behind her.

Screaming in fright she whirled around to see her two friends standing there licking ice cream cones.

“Where were you?” She asked them. “I was so close to having him be mine!”

“Sorry. We got hungry.” Lizzy shrugged and then handed Kallista one of her own. “We got one for you two!”

“Thanks!” Kallista managed a small smile as she gratefully took it.

“I have to go home now. I don’t want to get into trouble.” Eva spoke up worriedly. “I’ve been gone so long.”

“Don’t worry, Eva.” Lizzy soothed. “We have a time machine. Kallista can get us back about the same time we left. Right, Kallista?”

“Sure. No problem.” Kallista managed to say.

It had not occurred to her that her adventure would end, especially with no companion of her own. Wearily she followed her friends back to the Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers and set off for their time zones. During that time she did not say much. There was nothing much to say. When it came down to it, all she was able to do was hug her friends as they left, each t their own home and in their time zone. Braving a smile she had promised them she would come back.

Now all alone once again she set off on her next adventure. But it was not as much fun as before. There were no friends to play with and she had failed in capturing the Purple Poet.

Lost in thought she failed to notice the danger signal being flashed to her by the Tardis so when the whole Tardis shook and rocked about, she was unprepared. Screaming she felt herself being thrown backwards onto the floor. Desperately she tried to get back to her feet and to the controls. 

The Tardis flipped weirdly sending her skidding to the far end. In a heap she landed by the doors. Reaching out she managed to grab one of the knobs to help pull herself up. But the motion knocked the door ajar and with a cry she fell through. The sound of her cry was cut off as she was flung through space. Being half Time Lord was what kept her from being killed. But through the stillness Silence struck. Darkness penetrated through her very being and something in her was lost forever. In protest the Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers flared suddenly giving off a bright light before darkening.  It’s very last act was to pull an unconscious Kallista back in and hurled itself towards earth.

The year was 1956 and in the small suburbia town life was idyllic. Just on the outskirts of Chicago the residents there enjoyed both the peace and quiet life of the nearby country as well as the more exciting busy life of the town just half an hour away. Nothing much happened there. So when one day a strange child was found beside a damaged carousal, it made the front page news. No one ever claimed the child so she was place in an orphanage. All they knew about her was her first name, Kallista. No one ever messed with the strange broken down carousal that so strangely appeared either. It was said to be haunted. It sat for years in the forlorn field, dejected.


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