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The Doctor's Daughter: The Fading Girl In The Shadows. Dedicated with love to my beloved sister, Lizzy.

1965, on the outskirts of Chicago.

Gray and immobile the dumpy remains of the carousal set tilted, on the long brown grassy field that was set apart from the rest of the town. Long ago it has lost its zeal and joy, long before it even arrived mysteriously that strange dark night. Many of the residences remembered the bizarre storm that had popped up out of nowhere just before the depleted carousal arrived. It had given many of them goose bumps. Unnatural, many of the older generation uttered.

Nearby the neglected field was another place of undesired property. Grim and slightly run down was the orphanage run by nuns. Controlled and severe the orphanage was not a place where laughter and childlike playing could be found. Satisfied by this the adults in the town would nod their heads. This is how it should be. In their hearts they felt the children should be grateful for what they had. Their own dear children they kept far away from that grim place as possible.

The lone girl was deep in thought as she walked down the deserted street that led to the silent carousel. Somehow she was both drawn and repelled by it and didn’t know why. Always she had to walk past this place, past the sad remains of a once vibrant carousal.

Her severe dark navy uniform marked her as one from the asylum and also made her the easy target. Several boys from the small town casually came out from behind the carousal and spotted her. Elbowing each other they grinned and moved toward the dark haired girl, calling out taunts that would make a hardened criminal blush.

Kallista kept her face serene as they approached yet would not look at them. Instead she kept walking her normal pace keeping the wire fence in between them. Usually she had time to pause and think. But today was not one of those days. Lenny and his gang had chosen her to be their daily victim. Lucky her.

“Hey, girlie!” Lenny called out. “Where are your mommy and daddy?”

“Wait, Lenny! She doesn’t have a mommy and daddy!” One of Lenny’s friends mocked.

“Probably cause its mommy and daddy didn’t want it anymore!”

When they failed to get a reaction out of her they started throwing stones. Several struck her on her check drawing blood. Victorious, the boys high fived one another and gave off loud hollers and cheers. Still she ignored them and pretended to feel nothing. Fervently she wished they would go away.
A car rolled past but it did not slow down. No one helped an asylum student. The fence ended.

Rough hands grabbed her and dragged her to the carousal. Only then did she scream and fight. Fists came at her from every direction and in between the sound of her body being punched she could hear the laughter of the boys. Uselessly she fought to defend herself, careful not to hurt them. Once she had fought back against them and had done some damage. Never had she been in so much trouble. For a month she had to be in solitary confinement within the asylum. It was worse afterwards. She had to stand before the city council and the parents of the bullies and apologize. All stared stonily at her as she has stumbled over her apologies. As for the boys, they had smirked, triumphant.

Now they had her again and were free to do with her as they pleased. One of them, the tallest had her on her knees with her arms bent backwards. Burning sharp pain swept across her as they applied pressure.

“Tell us how awesome we are.” Lenny commanded her with a leer.

Panicked, she said nothing. SLAP! His hand stuck her hard across the face resonating shock deep within.

“I said! Tell us how awesome we are!” Lenny repeated with gleeful force.

Blood trickled down her ashen face as she struggled to form the words through numb lips.
“You are awesome.” She murmured.

“What?” I can’t hear you?” He leaned down pretending not to hear; the sounds of his comrades egged him on. “LOUDER! Say it LOUDER!”

With a cry she managed to say the words louder but she would not let the tears fall. Not there. Not in front of them.

“Now tell the world how pathetic you are!” Lenny sneered as he lifted up sharply on her arms.

Screaming at the sharp intense pain she did as was forced.


Sobs burst out of her, betraying her to the merciless boys all around her.

Grabbing a fist full of her hair, Lenny jerked her hair back and whispered harshly into her ear. “You think you are something special just because you are beautiful. What gives you the right to reject me? You are nothing!”

Shoving her away roughly the boys let go of her and she fell unbalanced, striking her head on the platform of the faded carousal.

A memory exploded in her head of a man wearing a bowtie and a woman with beautiful curly blond hair. Both wore gentle smiles on their faces and somehow Kallista knew it was for her. Yet she did not know who they were. Pain seared her as another memory, darker and frightening this time invaded her mind. There was blackness all around and she was falling through the stars. Then there was the rip in the sky and she fell through it. The Rip tore something from her and emptiness took hold of her leaving her cold and desolate from then on.

Terrified by the memories Kallista huddled against a rotting pony and shivered. Bored now the boys left the pathetic girl huddling and in tears all by herself.



2012 Connecticut.

In another part of the world and in another time, a young girl sat near the window drawing at her desk. So intent on her artwork she failed to see the blue police box that appeared out of nowhere or the man with the bowtie who walked out of it a moment later.  A knock startled her out of her concentration and she grumbled. No one else was home to answer the door so it was up to her. Laying aside her latest project she went downstairs to answer the door. Standing there in a friendly manner with a smile on his face was a man who looked like a professor.

“May I help you?” She tied to be polite when all she wanted to do was close the door and go back to her work.

“Yes! Actually you could help me.” He answered her as his eyes darted around her, taking in everything with intelligent eyes. “You see, I have lost something and have been led here as I was tracking it.”

“Who are you?” She asked as he pulled out a strange looking screwdriver and held it up. “What are you doing and what have you lost? Why do you think it is here?”

“Ah yes, all very excellent questions.” He murmured as he moved past her, his eyes never stopped observing.  “What is your name?”

“Lizzy.” She answered him suspiciously then scowled at herself.

How was it that she had been so free to tell a stranger that? There was something about him though. She could not put her finger on it.

“Hey! You can’t go up there!” She protested as he walked past her again and headed up the stairs.

“Lizzy…that is a very nice name.” He didn’t seem bothered by her protests as he pointed the screwdriver up the stairs. “I am the Doctor. Is this where your room is?”

“No! It’s where I keep my very own pack of guard dogs. I would not go up there.” She replied stonily. “Doctor who?  I don’t need a doctor!”

Doing a double take he looked back at her, understanding dawning on him for the first time.

“Oh, I’m sorry Lizzy. I am known simply as, The Doctor.” He said as he came back to her. “I hope I didn’t scare you.”

“I was not scared!” She frowned at him.

“Of course you weren’t. Good girl.” He seemed impressed. “You see this?”

“Yeah? It’s a funny looking screwdriver.”

“Not just any screwdriver. It’s a SONIC screwdriver.” The Doctor whirled and continued back up the stairs. “This is a tool I use for many things including finding things I have lost.”

“What have you lost?” Lizzy was mystified. “Why would you think I have it?”

“Again, all very good questions and soon I hope to have an answer for you.” He stopped suddenly and looked at her. “Tell me, have you seen anything strange around her lately?”

“Besides you? Nothing really,” She replied and then a troubled look crossed her face.

“What is it Lizzy? Have you seen something or experienced anything out of the ordinary?” He looked at her earnestly. “I see you are an artist. How old are you Lizzy?”

Slightly disconcerted at all his questions she found herself answering him.

“I am fifteen and how did you know I am an artist?”

“You have that look about you and as for being an artist: you have colorful smudges on the ends of your fingertips.”

Turning he walked into her room and scanned over everything using his sonic screwdriver.

“I’m getting a reading…” He paused as he looked at his tool then he reached down and pullout out a handful of drawings that were partially covered and looked through them. “Very interesting,” He murmured.

Looking at the art he had in his hands Lizzy felt a blush rise to her cheeks. “Oh, those are some old drawing I did when I was younger.”

“Yes, they are very nice.” He said distractedly as he looked through the art. “I see that many of these pictures feature a carousal and two little girls. But this last one features a carousal and THREE little girls. Could you tell me about it? Who are these little girls? Were they friends of yours?”

Lizzy shook her head feeling a little silly. “Oh, those are nothing. Just that when I was younger I had this recurring dream where I went on these fantastic trips through space and time with a friend on this magical carousel. I have not had that dream in a while though.”

“You dated your art, very interesting,” He mused as he studied the early artwork of Lizzy. “Come with me!”

It was not a question or an invite but a direct command. Normally the spirited artist would rebel against such a thing but there was a mystery here and she wanted to find out what it was.

Taking two steps at a time down the stairs the Doctor raced back outside with Lizzy close behind. In his hands he still held the artwork. Curious Lizzy followed, slightly trouble by the nostalgia that had washed over her when she has looked back at those old drawings. Certain things pushed at her memory but one was troublesome and she pushed it back unable to face it. She was unaware of the Doctors knowing looks as he watched her.

When they arrived at a wooden blue box, Lizzy halted even as the Doctor disappeared inside. But a feeling of excitement rose up in her that she could not deny.

“You feel something, don’t you?” The Doctor asked as he poked his head back out. “You have been in one before haven’t’ you?”

“A little blue box? I don’t think so.”

“You know what I mean Lizzy. I can see it on your face!” He said gently and kindly. “Think. Don’t push those thoughts back!”

Shaking her head, Lizzy tried to make sense of what was going on. Feeling somewhat uncertain she walked around the blue box, studying it.  It appeared sold but old, a relic of the past judging by its appearance, reminding her of something.

“That’s it, Lizzy. I can see you are remembering.” He spoke softly from beside her. “Do you want to take a look inside?”

Nodding a yes she silently followed him and stepped inside. In awe she looked around at the wonderful space but somehow was not surprised. It reminded her of another place, some where she had been before.

“It was all real then.” Her quiet voice broke the silence. “Those were not dreams I had but the real thing. How?”

Perplexed she turned away and wrestled with some thoughts.

“Take a look once more at these pictures.” He urged.  “In all of them but the first there are two girls. But in the first one, there are three. What happened to that girl? Who was she?”

“I don’t remember.” Lizzy frowned as she looked at the first picture again.

It showed three girls riding on the carousal: one with blond hair, one with black hair, and one with brown hair. She recognized the brown haired girl as herself and instinctively knew the blond haired girl’s name. It was Eva.

“I have been looking for a long time for something that was lost.” The Doctor said as he walked around the base of a tall structure that looked to be where the controls were.  “According to my records, some time ago my ship, The Tardis split off and created another Tardis. Even being as old as I am and The Doctor, I don’t know how these things sometimes work. They just do.”

Lizzy listened intently as the Doctor spoke.

“My readings show that there was a disturbance in space. There is a crack in space and time that I am trying to mend.” He frowned, suddenly sad. “Something passed through that crack in time and space and that something was the second Tardis. It could be that that other girl was in there at that time. I have found you Lizzy and have located this other girl, Eva. But I have no indication that this other girl ever existed except in the memories you and I hold.”

 “She is real?”

“She was very real. But she is lost. However, what is lost can be found as long as a memory exists!” He smiled encouragingly. “Together we can bring this girl back! Will you help me Lizzy?”

Deep in her heart Lizzy knew that the girl did exist. Somehow she knew her.

“OK. I will help you if I can.” She nodded.

“That’s the spirit!” He encouraged her. “First we will go to the last location the Tardis Two was before it was lost.”

As the Tardis begin to shake and make noise, The Doctor explained things to Lizzy on how the time machine worked. Yet none of it seemed new to her. He seemed to know this as once again he appraised her.

“You are an extraordinary girl, Lizzy.” He stated suddenly. “I don’t think you know this, but you have been a companion to a Time Lord.”

The very words resonated with her and the echo of long ago giggling reached her ears.

“My name is Kallista. I’m a Time Lord!”

A dark hair girl had said that.

“Her name was Kallista.” Lizzy spoke suddenly. “I remember now!”

“Well done Lizzy!” The Doctor cheered. “Her name IS Kallista. Somewhere she is out there and we will find her!”

“She spoke of being a Time Lord and I always thought it was funny; sort of a game she played.” Lizzy mused.

“She always was a bit of an oddball.” He murmured as he fiddled with the controls. “OK. We are here!”

“Where is here?” She asked.

“The space in the spot where the incident occurred,” He informed her as he ran to the door.

Flinging open the doors he held his sonic screwdriver out and took a reading.

“AHA! I know when and where the Tardis Two landed!” He shouted gleefully and laughed.


1965, on the outskirts of Chicago.

Standing on weary legs Kallista watched them arrive. One moment nothing was there and the next moment a blue box appeared. Two people came out: a man in a suit and bowtie and a girl her own age. Recognition flashed through her eyes as the man came closer. Somehow she knew him. She just didn’t know how.

At first they did not see her as she was hidden from view, half leaning against one of the pony figurines. Instead their eyes lingered on the whole of the broken down carousal. Silently she watched as sorrow filled their eyes. Why did they feel sad about this carousal?

Footsteps behind her alerted her of the bullies return. She should have left right away instead of lingering. Slowly she turned to face them, hating the sound of their low chuckles as they came forward.

“You still around, loser?” Lenny sneered and pushed her.

It was clear the boys did not see they were not alone anymore. Like before, she kept her mouth shut.

“Looks like the nuthouse has lost one off its residents.” Ricky, Lenny’s right hand man jeered.

“Good one, Ricky!” Lenny high fived him then turned back to the silent girl before them. “I don’t know why you even show your face around here. You are nothing but a pathetic loser who has no parents.”

Lenny swung back his fist to strike the defiant look out of Kallista’s eyes, but suddenly he found his world being rocked around him as a force lifted him off his feet and into the ground. Groaning he curled up around the pain in his belly and opened one eye to get a good look at his attacker.

“If you feel like playing with girls you will find me more than enough!” Lizzy snarled at him, and then further surprised the others when she turned and sucker punched Ricky. “This one is for you, Dick!”

Sobs broke from Ricky‘s mouth as he clutched his bloody nose. Lizzy turned away in disgust. She caught Kallista starring at her in shock. Recognition bloomed within the dark haired girl as memories resurfaced.

“I remember you!” She cried out happily. “You were my first companion!”

“So you remember.” The Doctor said softly as he watched with a smile on his face.

“YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!” Lenny screeched, half rising from his fallen position. “Wait till I tell my parents! You will get into trouble again, FREAK!”

“Shut up, I’m talking!” Lizzy commanded him with an imperial look then she turned her back on him to face Kallista. “I’m so happy to see you again!”

The Doctor stepped in between the boys and the girls and held up his special Psychic paper.

“Excuse me…..gentleman. I am from the Homeland Security Federation of Internal Affairs sent here to investigate the reports or disturbances of corrupt unscrupulous debauched delinquents.” The Doctor frowned and peered at them. “You match these descriptions so I need to take you in for intense interrogation that will take at least four years to complete. We have had an eye on you lot and your parents for some time. Let me tell you, we all most displeased. You are now seen as a threat to our way of life and we will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening.”

During the time that the Doctor rattled this information off, the injured boys forgot about their pain as they gazed in disbelief and horror at the man before them. The two uninjured boys didn’t wait for their comrades. Instead they started backing away then turned tail and fled. Lenny and Ricky were not far behind, both screaming panicked words of assurance that they would be much better behaved.

Kallista noticed none of that however. Her eyes were for the two standing before her now.

“You ok?” Lizzy asked her long lost friend as she noticed the bruising and bleeding.

“You came for me.” Kallista’s voice was quiet but held the strength of one who was eternally grateful and in awe. “I don’t know how you did it when my very essence was disappearing. Even I could not remember much about myself.”

“It is thanks to your first companion that your mother and I were able to track you.” The Doctor smiled at his daughter as he took her face in his hands to look at her wounds. “She kept track of your journeys together through her marvelous artwork. She is a very clever girl.”

“She is that and more.” Kallista smiled for the first time in years as she looked at her first and dearest friend. “She saved me once before too. I remember that now.”

“Yeah, I remember that too.” Lizzy smiled back. “You said you would always be my servant.”

A laugh broke out from Kallista as she recalled that event too.

“Remember the Purple Poet?” Lizzy teased gently.
A deep blush took hold of Kallista as she grinned. “Somehow that was one memory I never quite forgot. Even though I could not completely remember, the theme of purple and poetry always struck a chord within me. I guess that heart can’t forget some things even when the mind can.”

“You are still not out of danger yet, Kallie.” The Doctor warned as he took out his Sonic Screwdriver and inspected her eyes. “You have been ripped apart when you fell through that rift. We may not see it, but it’s there.”

At the grim news Kallista stopped laughing and looked down. “Am I going to die?”

“Not if I can help it.” The Doctor promised. “You are safe for now. But I will need to run some more test on you. For the time being, you will need to travel with me. I will have my Tardis take yours back with us. Then perhaps your mother and I can get Tardis two working again.”

“You mean The Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers?” Lizzy’s grin reappeared.

“Yes, that is the one!” Kallista nodded with mock seriousness.

“Perhaps I can use my Tardis to provide a little bit of temporary power to Kallista’s Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers.” The Doctor mused out loud.

Lizzy and Kallista looked at each other hopefully then rounded back on the Doctor.

“Oh, could you please?”

“And can we find Eva too?”

With a wink and a laugh he hurried to his Tardis and set everything up. Once more The Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers lit up and music flowed much to the girls delight. Hoping on they rode near each other as the Doctor sent them all on their way.

“I’m not going to miss this place at all.” Kallista remarked quietly as they disappeared from that time period.

“I should say not!” Lizzy exclaimed with a smile. “I am really happy that today of all days we found you!”

“Why is that?”

“Today is my birthday!” Lizzy told her happily. “Today I found out that my dreams were really real, found a long lost friend, and got to ride The Queenly Rainbow Hearts Castle Tardis Flowers once more!”

From where he rode in his Tardis, The Doctor smiles a silent bitter sweet smile. In his hand he held the last of the pictures Lizzy drew as a child. They still showed only two girls. A brown haired one, and a blond.
*This is for you Lizzy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU AMAZING SISTER! *hugs a million times* Words cannot express how much you mean to me.   I am so lucky and blessed to have you as my friend and sister. I wish you nothing but the very best life can hold! Enjoy your day sweetie and know you are loved! YAY!


  1. Amazing! :D Such a sweet dedication at the end :D
    very well written, as always, and i can't wait to see what happens next :D :D :D
    I'm glad those bullies got beat up *nods* not so tough now that the roles are reversed *glares after them*

    Happy Birthday, Lizzy! have an awesome day! :D

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    This was a brilliant story :D I love how you explore everything. Can't wait to see what happens next.


    The dedication was so beauitful too.


    I loved it! So glad that she was rescued from the horrible place. And I think you captured the Doctor PERFECTLY :)

    I really enjoyed your Three Musketeers story as well. I don't know how you manage all of these great stories, Kal :)

    *hugs everyone* And a Happy Birthday to Lizzy!

  4. This story is very interesting. I have never watched Doctor Who, but this is giving me a good idea what its about. Keep writing!

    And Happy-Amazeballs-Birthday Lizzy.

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