Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nix's Comp 1

“WOW!” Kallista Pendragon breathed out in awe as she stared at the ONE! The One who just WAS! He smiled at her as she joined and she felt blessed beyond all measure.  There were others there too. But they dimmed in the presence of the ONE.

“OH, GREAT ONE!” She cried out dramatically as she fell at his feet. “Let me kiss your shoes!”

His frown made the sun disappear and he said nothing but pointed at the woods instead.

She knew what to do as she turned to gaze at the woods. There, beyond the woods was a large hill she was to go. When she turned back she saw that the ONE was no longer there. No one was.

“That’s ok!” She called out into the woods. “Just go ahead and leave me here. I’ll be fine!”

Sighing she stated walking into the woods,  thinking deep thoughts.

“What is tastier? A Twinkie or a Hostess Cupcake?”

She looked up finally after a few hours of pondering this most pressing question as she walked.

With a start she realized she had at last come to the massive hill. Astounded she cast a disbelieving look behind her and viewed the heavy foliage she had just come through. Had she really arrived already? The position of the sun told her that she had been walking for several hours at least. It had felt like only a few minutes to her.

 Looking back at the hill she felt it was more of a small mountain.  It was beautiful but dangerous looking with steep sides slanting upward. Many rocky places made up the hill but there was also an abundance of greenery with the bushes and trees that grew along the surface of it.  Sighing she began trekking up the surface with hopes of seeing The One.

Only a few moments into her clime however, her foot paused. What was that noise she just heard?  Tilting her head she angled it back over her shoulder and heard it again. The whinnying of a pony reached her ears.

“HORSEY!” So excited was she that she forgot where she was.

Her motion caused her to be unbalanced and suddenly she was tilting forward. The next moment she was tumbling head over heels down the hill, her screams ripping the calmness of the day. Lading in a heap at the base she gave an unsteady moan. Yet another call from the pony was all it took and she hopped up again.

Near the trees stood a tiny brown and white miniature pony. Kallista gasps in delight and with love stuck eyes waltzed over to the adorable critter. Dropping on her knees she crooned softly while cuddling it.

“I will name you Wiggles and you will be mine and I will love you and cuddle you forever.”

Wiggles munched thoughtfully on some delicious grass, slightly bored. Then with an impatient bob of his sweet head, he broke free from the embrace and trotted away back into the woods.

Heartbroken Kallista watched in shock as her lttle Wiggles trotted away.

“WAIT!” She called out after it.

Then getting over her shock she got up and ran after it.


But no matter where she looked, she could not find her beloved pony….and she was lost.

Glancing around she saw she was surrounded by huge trees.  So tall and majestic the trees reminded her of the Red woods. All was still in the woods as she stood there, a humble guest among great beauty.

Then the melodious sound of her tummy rumbling broke the spell and reminded her that she was hungry.  Once again her thoughts turned to food. Despairingly she looked around for anything that looked edible.  A buzzing sound alerted her of just the thing that would help her.

“BEES!” She cried happily then began stalking the bees to find their nest. 

She found it not too far away from where she had been standing before.  Before her in a tall bush was a bee’s nest. Carefully she  approached the nest while  whispering words of self-encouragement.

“You are the BEE MASTER. You can do this……….you ARE the bee.”

Convinced she was the bee charmer she reached in and then……….

Her scream ripped out of her and a hundred tiny affronted warriors came after her, defending their home.  Hands waving wildly in the air she shrieked and dashes madly away. A cloud of bees surrounded her the whole time. Stumbling and tripping the whole way she fought to be free and lost. Big time.  Then suddenly the earth gave way and she was falling. She fell the entire 5 feet right into a giant mud puddle. It was not a large body of water but it did the trick all the same. The bees left her alone.

SH did not know how long she lay there in that puddle, spread eagled. Al she knew was that she was tired, sore, still hungry and probably a million miles away from the hill where she was supposed to be. She was missing Wiggles, her lost love, and….and…the ONE!

Something to her left moved, rustling through fallen leaves. Opening one eye she looked up and saw…


The little animal stopped at the sound of her voice and sniffed delicately in the air, moving its cute brown bunny ears that caused her heart to melt once more and forget about her sore and messy self.

Scrambling on all fours she darted after the critter desperate to cuddle something cute and soft.

Unconcerned the forest animal bounded into some nearby bushes. Pouncing, Kallista leapt wilding into the bush and captured a…..

“BEAR!” Kallista screamed when she found herself hugging the backside of a big brown bear.

It let lose a roar that made her legs and arms turn into jelly and her heart to quit.

Play dead. The thought was the only thing that got through the shock she felt at that moment.

It was not hard to do. Already half fainting from fear she lay there as the monstrous beast roared again in her face while picker her up with its’ one fearsome paw. Furiously it shook her and like a toy she was thrown all about.  But when she didn’t move or make a sound the bear quieted down somewhat. Growling menacingly it prodded her again, sniffing her as it moved all around her.  Grasping her leg in its jaw it began to drag her a little away.

This is it. She closed her eyes knowing she was going to become dinner to a hungry bear.  For a moment the bear dropped her leg. It sniffed the air as if it sensed something else nearby that was unfamiliar.

It was all she needed.  Adrenaline kicked through her finally, prompting her to dashes away madly. In blind terror she ran imagining the beast’s hot breath close to the back of her neck, its massive jaws opened wide.  In the distance she saw the giant hill. As the sun started making its way down, she reached the side of the small mountain.  Never stopping she made a bead line to the top and collapsed finally when she reached it.  She was muddy, sore, sported two black eyes, a ripped up leg and sides and had a multitude of bee stings, but she didn’t care. She had made it.  She was back with The One!


  1. Wiggles! You can't run away from Kal! :O
    Especially when she's trying to find The ONE! :P

    I love it, Kal! It's so well written!
    I love the way you described the swarm of bees, aswell! Really Creative!:D

    I'd like to point out, that you are a fantastic author, Kallista Pendragon. *hugs* :D

  2. Oh my god I can't believe you didn't win this!