Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nix's challenge 2

Brushing away a strand of fly away hair, Kallista stared in awe at the sight that presented it’s self before her. It was a huge ominous mountain. Even though it was some distance away, it’s sheer size fooled the eyes making it appear much closer.

“Two days.” She muttered out loud as she considered. “I can do that easily.”

Confident, she set off back down the hill of the much smaller hill noting that she was the only one who was left. Everyone else had left much sooner than her. Each appearing to be confident of what they were going to do.

“Well, I can be confident too!” She smiled brightly then gracefully stubbed her toe on a loose rock jutting from the hill.

With a scream she felt herself tip then plummet forwards and fall down the hill. No matter what she did she could not get herself to stop rolling. It was as if a magnet held her down and pulled her with a strong force to the bottom of the hill. A brief thought entered her mind in between the frantic screams and extreme alarm that took up most space.

“Hmm….this hill is much larger then I first thought.”

Abruptly she stopped as the hill ended. Finally. Dizzy she got up and staggered around as she got her footing back.

“YAY! I’m OK!” She shouted triumphantly as she faced the hill with victorious raised hands.

A few loose rocks that had followed her decent answered by landing directly in the middle of her bruised forehead.

“DOH!” She staggered backwards only to fall again.

Jumping back up she dusting herself off and tried to appear casual in case anyone was nearby, watching.

With a grin she turned back to the hill before leaving and saluted.

“Well Mr. Hill. The only one I have ever really fallen for as deep as you is Octaboona. Falling for that boy is way deeper then you though Mr. Hill, for I am still falling for Octaboona.”

With a wink she turned and departed on her journey to the mountain that filled up the horizon. She had to make it there before nightfall.

Hastily making her way through the forest to the clearing she saw ahead, she kept a wary eye out for anything that moved.  Rumors of animals being mad had reached her ears and she didn’t want to take any chances to find out if it was true or not.

At last she reached the end of the woods.  Breathing in relief she turned dramatically and shook a fist at the forest.


A random squirrel chittered angrily at her and threw an acorn at her. It struck her right between the eyes.

“Doh! That is gonna leave a mark.” She muttered as she massaged her sore head for the thousandths time.

A crack of thunder interrupted her charade and made her jump. Shrieking crazily she pressed herself back into the side of one a tree and eyed the sky nervously. Over the plain it had darkened considerably. The dark clouds rolled in ominous from the west directly over the expansive plain and also over the mountain.

“Oh, this can’t be good.” She groaned, then brightened. “Well, it can’t get any worse!”

A hoard of mad squirrel jumped her then and threw more acorns at her.

“RABID SQUIRREL!” She screamed as she dashed further into the wide opening flapping her arms around uselessly.

Dropping to the ground she rolled in the dusty grassy ground an attempt to get the wicked littler critters off her. So busy she was she didn’t even notice the sounds of thunder becoming louder until it began to rain.

Big fat drops of water hit her dirty bruised skin leaving muddy trails as it trickled down her face.

The squirrels chittered angrily and left her then, each one hoping from her and scurrying back into the cover of the trees.

“And don’t come back!” Kallista hollered after them angrily as she jumped awkwardly back to her feet. “Cowards!”

With resentful and wary glares cast back at the gang of critters who sat eyeing her from their perches in the trees, she set off once more, hoping to make it to the mountain before anything else found her. Not even the growing wind, the falling rain, or the flashes of lightning followed by the sound of thunder could deter her. Trudging along she gritted her teeth and pressed on. She would reach the mountain and find one of the envelopes that awaited her there.  It seemed that after hours of walking that she was no closer. Lifting her soaked face towards the looming mass of earth once more, she refused to think anything discouraging. She would make it!

After a few more moments of silent travel with only the lightning for a companion, she noticed the ground beneath her feet was trembling.

“Well, this is odd.” She murmured as she paused.

Dropping down to the ground she pressed her ear to the waterlogged earth and listened. A distant drumming sound echoes in the ground causing her to raise an eyebrow.

“Hmm..From the sound of it, it’s a posse of cowboys on horses traveling fast towards me from the direction of the mountain.” She deduced, completely missing the dark silhouettes massed behind her of a stamped.

Rising up she stretched her hands in welcome, secretly hoping that some of the cowboys were shirtless.

“At LAST! I am saved!” She grinned.

The first antelope reached her then and grazed her as it ran passed. The force of the slight impact spun her around and suddenly she found herself facing the rest of the antelope’s brethren.

“Where are my cowboys?” She questioned, completely confused. Then screamed again as it seemed to be her destiny.

As the wave after wave of heavily muscled beast ran over her, she became decorated with a thousand plus hoof prints. After a few moments of quiet, (after what seemed like hours of stampeding antelope) she was finally able to utter a word from her shocked frozen face (which was still stuck in silent scream mode.)

“Oooooooooooooooow.” It was all she knew how to say and she drew it out as long as she could.

The rain had slowed to a drizzle but the thunder and lightning was still in full force. She would have to keep moving.  Somehow she managed to turn herself over. Her progress was slow marked by sounds of distress.  The first hundred feet was more of a crawl than anything else, but she managed to pull herself up and limped the rest of the way.

Darkness had descended on her by the time she reached the foot of the mountain.  Wearily she looked up and tried to gage the scope of the natural wonder. Its sheer size overwhelmed her and made her slightly dizzy. Somewhere up there was an envelope waiting for her.  At all costs she must get to it.

Something in the darkness made her skin crawl. She pretended not to notice, knowing she was being watched. With all her bruises and her bleeding wounds she knew she would be easy prey. So with resolve, she pushed aside her fear of heights and reservations of climbing in the dark, reaching out instead with determination to find a hold in the rock to pull herself upwards.

When she had climbed some ways up, ignoring the pain along the way, she paused to rest and take an easier breath. There was no way a beastie could come and get her at this height.

A sound in the night ripped through the darkness and reached her ears beyond even that of the thunder.  It sounded like a something huge. Nerves on edged Kallista glanced franticly out in the dark.

Seeing nothing she began to climb again convinced that staying still was the wrong thing to do. The screech sounded again this time on her other side. Kallista begin wishing for a ledge or anything to hide her from whatever it was out there. Yet there was nothing or nowhere to hide.

A sudden screech and the owner of the terrifying sound came at her, claws extended forward. Screaming uselessly Kallista pressed herself desperately into the surface of the mountain and tried to save her head from being ripped to shreds. The great big flying creature snagged its powerful claws around her belt buckle and pulled her away from the mountain. With a soundless scream she felt herself hanging the balance, the sky above and the earth far below. There was nothing she could do as she was trapped within the large bird’s talons.  Having watched nature shows, she knew what was next.

“Oh dear God please let my death be quick.” She mumbled out a quick panicky prayer.

A flash of lightning answered her prayer, striking near the bird as it had flown closer again to the mountain. Shrieking out in alarm and rage the flying best dropped her and flew away.

Once again screaming crazily, Kallista free fell then landed suddenly. It was a semi soft landing and just another bruise to add to her collection.

With a groan she rolled over to see she had landed next to a small tree whose base was covered in moss. It was what had broken her fall. With a gasp she noticed a blue envelope protruding from a hole in the side. Quickly she snatched it then tucked it away safety in her pocket. She knew when would need it for later.

Taking a moment to get her bearings, she concluded by this time she was more than half way up, thanks to the (unintentional) aid of the beastly bird. She was going to make it.

Even though she was plagued by pain and exhaustion she began climbing higher, the goal in sight, propelling her forwards. After a while she sighed, realizing she must have been mistaken again as she did not seem any closer. All she knew was that for periods of times, she would shut down and snooze, only to be jerked awake again as she would loosen her grip and slip.

As the dawn of the new day began with the rise of the sun, the last of the night’s storms fled away. Wearily she found a grassy patch of what she thought was yet another ledge and curled in a ball to sleep, her blue envelope clutched safely in her hands, tucked in close to her.

“Should have been purple.” She muttered as dreams overtook her.

What she failed to realize but would discover later was that she had made it to the top and she was still alive.


  1. LOL! xD
    I love it, Kal! :D
    Especially the comment to the hill! :3

  2. ~grins~
    That was BRILLIANT, hilarious and exciting!
    Especially the mountain climbing part. I loved that bit :D