Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Day Skyril....

I woke up this morning to the soothing sounds of a storm. I smiled as I listened to teh rain fall and the distant thunder. I felt reassured that our beautiful forest and gardens would be getting a good watering, finally!
I wanted to stay in bed and read a good suspenseful story. I wanted to be by the window so I could look out and shiver as I gazed at teh dark ominous sky filled with lightning but to know that I am safe, warm and dry.
But I got up and later went to church. I was glad I went out. The best part was leaving teh church because of the brilliant drama that filled teh sky!
I thought: If only Skyril were with me at this moment! Knowing my sister's love of storms, I knew she would be even more delighted then I at the dark beauty they was presented before me. I loved teh way one side was so dark that even at late morning, it seemed like night. But on the other side of teh horizon was the light. It was shining brilliantly, another dramatic moment, a work of epic art created by God. I was a little sad because I could not stay and play in the rain or even linger in teh car and drive further into the storm. I had to go home. 
Suddenly I realized I was not driving into the light. It was fading before me. I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the storm chasing me! HA! It wanted to get me? Let it try! REG! I raced teh storm home! I think it won! I watched in awe as the clouds sped by growing darker. The beautiful trees finally filled with brilliant full leaves, shook and swayed under the force of the wind. It was a dance of nature and I was teh witness! Clumps of leaves were falling in abundance all around me as I drove along. I glanced out to the stormy waters of the bay and saw only one boat anchored out there. It was not the best place at that moment for a boat. :P
Seeing several large branched in the road also told me I was not in a wimpy storm. It truly was a brilliant dramatic display of power, elegance, and beauty! Someday Skyril, you and I will be able to dance together with nature in a storm like this one! I CAN'T WAIT! XD *hugs tight*
Until then dear sister, I hope God provides you with some splendid storms of your own! FTW!!!

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  1. :o
    Wow... That sounds so amazing, Kal!
    I wish I WAS there, but DEFINITELY!
    Someday we'll dance in a storm together :3
    It's going to be awesome!
    I'm sure we'll look like brilliant sprites or possibly nymphs to come out and splash in the water xD
    Oh yeah, definitely.
    ~hugs tight~
    See you there, sister!