Monday, April 2, 2012

My Edible Thoughts on Doctor Who ( I have marshmellwoy thoughts) XD

I have just finished two weeks worth of watching nothing but Doctor Who. I find the story telling of this series extraordinary. Everything about this show is of the highest caliber. I do believe I am a fan now.

I have been asked by several people who my favorite companion/Doctor is. I think there is a tie between the 10th and 11th Doctor and a Rose/Donna/Amy tie. But to tell the truth I love them all. All the characters are wonderful and each has some really enduring qualities that I love about them.

Rose was the 1st and I think for that reason everyone will always favor her and not forget her. She is also the only one to have won the Doctor's heart in a romantic way. (apart from Melody) Rose, I believe was the youngest companion and was more of a playful companion then the others. The episode with good old Queen Vicky is one of my faves but I cringed at Rose's flippant treatment of the Queen. (all in front of her) Still, for all that happened in the episode, I was surprised at the banning that the Queen gave Rose and the Doctor. I would have thought the writers would have made the Queen more wise and cunning. After seeing that there are beings from another world, I would have thought she would have seen the Doctor as sort of an advisor/ambassador for things that were beyond her. I mean the doctor certainly had proven himself. It was a bad move on the Vickie's part. She was even prejudiced at him in her way. Very bad. :(

Martha was an amazing and capable companion. Her high level of intelligence and bravery made her ideal, but she never had the doctor's heart the way Rose, Donna, and Amy did. The treatment of Martha when she had to act as servant for the human Doctor was a bit hard to watch. I know stuff like that happened back then. It was hard to see it happen to a character I had come to admire and care for. Martha so intelligent had to hide her genius to protect the doctor. I don't like how it was put on her to be responsible to keep the Doctor from falling in love. That is an impossible thing for when love comes it can come fast and unexpectedly. Martha was limited for what she could do and I think she should have been honored for what she did to help.

I think Donna is the most epic of all the companions because she seemed the most ordinary yet was the most extraordinary companion. She was BRILLIANT and REAL! I was always bothered that her mom would let Donna think she was a failure. What I saw in Donna was failed attempts of success, but never did Donna fail. She always was seeking, trying to find that something that was far to big for her. In my book, a failure of a person is some one who has NEVER tried and who does nothing. There are some people who have tried and failed at things, like Donna. The failures are not a result of the person's lack of trying. Just sometimes the circumstances are to much. Those people are NOT failures.

I like Donna's spirit and her attitude. She never lost that. In the 1st episode with her, that weird spider thingy said some pretty bad things about Donna. Insults that that spider should have never said.

The tragedy with Donna is that she had something precious and priceless and it was taken from her. I am not talking about that power she had or her adventures, though both those things are priceless. I am talking about her friendship with the Doctor. It is heartbreaking that she will never be able to even remember her time with him. I can't imagine some thing like that happening to me. But it did impact me because I have felt for the longest time, like maybe at least for the last ten years, that I some how have misses something special and it has slipped beyond me forever. I have had dreams like that too. It's hard to explain.

I like Amy Pond for her charm and attitude. She is also very charming but a different sort of charm then Rose had. Rose was a bit fun but Amy has this sort of fox like craftiness about her that is appealing.

I was drawn to Amy and her romance and love for Rory and his for her. He is the husband I think most girls dream about. Amy's predicament of having a child taken from her hit to close to home and is the fear of all mothers everywhere. Amy was robed even more then Donna was of something precious. She lost all those precious and priceless moments watching her daughter grow. She missed watching her daughters wonder as she learned about her world around her. Missed all the firsts. The first toy. The first book. The first solid meal. The first word spoken. The first step and so forth.

Also a cruel thing that happened was when Amy was lost in that weird place and left there and grew older. I know that the Doctor never meant for that to happen. But it seems he was far to careless of his companions. (Donna when she turned right instead of left and that huge bug and this present topic with old Amy)

It is my fear that I will end up old, alone and unloved like Amy did. She was thrown a side for the younger more beautiful Amy. Beauty and youth are celebrated and I hear so much of men leaving their wives when they grow older for the beautiful younger women. So I do fear growing older. I saw my future in what happened to old Amy. She dies alone then fade to nothingness. Old, alone, forgotten, unloved.

There is more I could say about some of the other epic characters of Doctor Who. Some are just for one episode. Others are repeat OC's. I was sad and horrified at the cruel deaths some of the OC's had to endure. (Yes I know it's not real) :P It's just that all stories have this way of impacting me deeply. There is always something I seem to relate too.

Now about the Doctors. All of them are wonderful, genius, and have big hearts. I think the doctor was treated unfairly in may situations and took too much blame for things that were not his fault. Wanted to shut up the people who talked to much and rattled out accusations without thinking, without a heart, or honor. I probably got so mad at that cause it happens to me. (being blamed for things that I did not cause or contribute too)

I love the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor the best. But even above them is the Purple Poet. That boy was on my mind the entire time I watched Doctor Who. ( does not tell anyone that the Purple Poet is ALWAYS on her mind no matter what)

My Purple Poet has so many wonderful things about him. SO many wonderful things about him and not enough time to write it all out! (someday I will try though) ;)

Octaboona is beyond intelligent. He is BRILLIANT! He is equally brilliant in his artistic skills. But what makes him so beautiful and epic is his heart! He SHINES with so much compassion, understanding and has the most wonderful sense of humor! The Doctor would love and treasure him. But HANDS OFF DOCTOR! Octa is MINE! REG ;D His heart can only be claimed by one other. (apart from his family)

I often wonder if I would be a good companion for the Doctor and I think the answer is NO! I would annoy the Doctor to no end (without even trying) and I would ask all those dreaded stupid questions, never know how to help him, and I'm sure I would eat all his food. :P He would through me to the Daleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen.

That's it for now. Time for bed. Later on tomorrow I will work on my Doctor Who fanfic. I would love to hear your thoughts on Doctor Who (whoever reads this) and what I had to say.

Thank you all for reading this. (and be patient with me in all my stupidity and lack of understanding)

I did not s ay all I wanted to about Rory. Maybe another time. Rory is EPICA! I have to say that! His character inspired me to be more noble and honorable. (can usually only manage being that for a few moments ever other month then I go back to being a great big dork) LOL XD


  1. *hugs her tightly*

    YAY! I'm so glad that Doctor Who has had such an amazing and positive impact on you!

    I loved reading this. All your thoughts about Doctor Who are so deep. I treasure them.

    This is a wonderful post! Written by a wonderful girl! About the best TV show ever!


  2. I know that is is almost impossible to choose a favourite series let alone a favourite episode.

    But I am interested to know which ones you love best.

    For me The Waters of Mars and Midnight have stood out as classic episodes that I will always treasure in my heart.

    The Waters of Mars is special in that it is the only episode of Doctor Who to make me cry.
    And Midnight is an amazing story with an amazing monster and it is clever and freaky and it has Jethro in it. Who has wonderful hair.

  3. ...Jethro does have great hair, y'know...O.o never realized. Probably because my cousin looks like Jethro. And acts like him. Y'know what, Jethro is now my cousin. Yep.

    Those marshmellowy thoughts on DW where AMAZZZIIIIINNNNGGGGGG! No. Scratch that. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! (Oh, Nine. How you make me laugh...)!!!! It was so in-depth and thought-out and...and...fantastic!

  4. Yay marmellowy thoughts! Your musing on this series are so wonderful and deep, Kal. Love them! Fantastic and brilliant and awesome.

  5. Yay!!!! Lovey lovey lovey it!!