Thursday, April 5, 2012


Under the twinkling stars and a half moon, a couple appearing in their thirties held a tiny child. Even though the faces of the man and woman seemed young, in their eyes lay secrets and wonders as old as time itself. In contrast was the face of the newborn. But unlike most infants, this child made no sound. She just stared with wide blue eyes at the night sky and the lights that shined within it. The proud parents glanced at each other, sharing the moment with unspoken words.
“I still cannot believe I am a father.” The man breathed out softly in the calm balmy night.
“Who would have ever thought that there would be another Time Lord?” The woman responded with a knowing smile. “Born in the Tardis while orbiting the earth, I think this is a perfect beginning for our girl. Don't you agree, Sweetie?”
The Doctor gazed at the top of infants' head which was covered with soft downy black curls. Hesitantly he placed a gentle hand on the baby's soft head, then gave off a delighted laugh. In wonder he gazed at the one woman who was a perfect match for him in every way, the woman who loved him and saved him from loneliness. Without a word he wrapped his arms around his new family.
“Have I thanked you properly for giving me a child?” He kissed his wife's head.
“Not yet.” River Song flirted. “We have plenty of time for that. But before you start, I think we should name our daughter.”
“Yes, of course!” The Doctor smiled. “Now lets see...a name!”
Thoughtfully he paced between his family and the Tardis, muttering names that he had come across from his travels.
“Sweetie. Perhaps a name from the planet where I am from? Earth?” Melody suggested mildly with raised eyebrows as she listened to the alien names so typical in other planets being muttered in his pacing.
“Earth! Yes, of course!” The Doctor whirled and took a closer look around him for the first time since landing. “Say...where are we? When are we?”
Melody laughed to herself as her genius husband failed once again to register simple facts.
“We are in Greece I believe.” She answered. “The year is 2010.”
The Doctor looked at her in awe. “You are WONDERFUL!”
“Not really, my love.” She teased him then stood on her tip toes to give him a kiss. “It's just that a mother always pays attention to the date when she has had a child.”
“Greece. Lovely place!” The Doctor stated as he looked around once more, then he paused. “I thought we were going to have her born in year 2154.”
“Yes, Sweetie. But,” River smiled. “there are your plans then there are the Tardis' plan.”
River looked down at her daughter thoughtfully.
“I don't imagine my mother will be pleased to hear she is already a grandmother.”
“Probably not.” The Doctor nodded and looked a bit uncomfortable.
“I like the name Kallista.” River Song decided. “It is the name of legends. Fitting for a daughter of a Time Lord.”
“Kallista is it then.” The Doctor smiled.
After a moment the family moved back into the Tardis. Slowly the blue box faded away and disappeared into the night. Inside the Tardis, baby Kallista lay in her bassinet, the same one both her parents had been in when they were infants. Big blue eyes stared at the light of the Time Rotor. The light pulsed gently and the rhythmic noise of the Tardis soothed the baby.
Just as the Tardis flew over London, the Time Rotor flared briefly, its lights increasing to almost blinding. In that space and moment, beautiful words were heard. But not with the ears and not everyone heard them. Only baby Kallista heard. Words of such magic and power that when the mere sound of them had reached the Tardis; its light turned purple and grew double the amount it had been before. In that brief flash, the light of the Time Rotor reached Kallista bathing her in its glow. An impression was made on her soul that would last forever and beyond. Almost as quick as it had come, the mysterious light faded and the memory of that moment lay hidden away from even Kallista until the right time would come.
The Doctor and River Song blinked at each other for a moment.
“Did you see that?” River Song asked, incredulous.
The Doctor only nodded and went to look at the controls to see if anything registered. Taking out his sonic screwdriver he also scanned the Time Rotor. For a brief moment the blue light had turned purple. It all had been so quick. What did it mean? He knew that nothing should be left to chance and would not risk anything. Yet nothing registered on his screen or with his sonic device. Still, it troubled him but he tucked it in the back of his head.


Four adults sat side by side watching a young dark haired girl playing on the swing set.
“I still cannot believe I am a grandmother and not yet even in my thirties.” Amy muttered then looked at her blossoming belly.
“Just a typical life in a time traveling family.” River Song’s laugh rang out. “Soon I will be a sister! There is much to celebrate!”
The Doctor looked a bit harried as he studied his five year old daughter.
“Everything ok Doctor?” Rory asked him.
“What?” The Doctor glanced briefly at Rory, startled. “Oh! It’s probably nothing. But I am starting to wonder….”
“Wonder what?” Amy asked as they all looked at him.
“Well, it’s puzzling to me Kallista, having geniuses for parents and having extraordinary grandparents, yet despite this, has not displayed any signs of intelligence.”
River Song looked mildly offended at her husband but he didn’t notice and went on.
“When we fought with that stray Dalek, it scanned her and registered her as low intelligence.”
“Well, I don’t know about you, sweetie, but I am certainly not going to put stock into what a twisted life form says about my daughter.” River Song snapped, loosing her mischievous smile briefly.
“It must come from Rory’s side of the family.” The Doctor went on musing out loud.
Rory sighed and rolled his eyes while Amy glared at the Doctor.
“Oh for heaven’s sake! She is only a child!” Rory responded. “I am sure she will display all sorts of clever thoughts soon enough to please even you Doctor. In the meantime I am more concerned that you allowed her to be close to a Dalek. What else have you exposed her too?”
“Oooooh..” The Doctor looked mildly uncomfortable and uncertain then he brightened up and smiled with confidence. “Nonsense Rory! She was perfectly safe! Or do you doubt my care for my child?”
He looked smugly at Rory who shifted his glance away.
“Of course not. It’s just that....”
“Besides!” The Doctor when on, cutting off Rory. “As a Time Lord in training, Kallista needs to learn about these things. What is the worse that could happen?”
“BUNNIES!” Kallista shouted suddenly from the top of the slide. “I WANT BUNNIES!”
In stunned silence everyone watched as the little girl with black springy curls go down the slide and run towards the Tardis.
“Uhhh..she is going to the Tardis.” Amy remarked. “Should we not stop her?”
The Doctor gave a little laugh. “She won’t be able to get in.”
His laugh cut off as Kallista disappeared inside.
River Song shot out of her seat and ran towards the Tardis but she was too late. The Tardis disappeared.
“No way!” Amy breathed out, incredulous. “How the heck did that happen?”
“I have no idea.” River Song responded in a deadly quiet voice. “But we are going to get her back!”
She whirled on the astonished Doctor and spoke through clenched teeth. “DO something!”
But before he could say anything the Tardis slowly reappeared. Everyone watched with bated breath for a moment, uncertain of who would come out of the Tardis: a little girl or a young woman.
The door to the Tardis opened and a parade of bunnies hooped out followed by the sound of a child’s delighted laughter.
“Oh no.” Amy muttered and covered her face. “England is now over populated with bunnies.”
“Definitely Rory’s side of the family.” The Doctor decided matter of fact with his hands in his pockets as he watched his daughter skip out of the Tardis and chase the bunnies around.
“No one said raising a child would be this hard.” River Song remarked grim faced as she saw her mother’s garden be devoured by bunnies. “To tell you the truth I think I would rather face a horde of Cybermen.”
“Err…yes.” The Doctor nodded at her words then spoke out of the side of his mouth to Rory. “It’s always best to side with the Misses.”
Both men chuckled quietly then stopped and swallowed hard when they saw their wives glaring.
“I’ll go have a word with our daughter.” The Doctor said as he straightened his bow tie and strode over to where Kallista was.
Spying her father coming towards her with a grim face, Kallista stopped monetarily with wide eyes. She knew that look. Then a bright smile reappeared over her face.
“CATCH ME DADDY!” She laughed and took off back towards the Tardis.
“Oh, no you don’t!” The Doctor shouted as he took off after his little girl.
But Kallista just squealed and ran faster. “YAY!”
Once again she disappeared into the Tardis but this time her father made it in time. For a few moments the rest of the adults heard nothing but shrieks of laughter from Kallista, mysterious loud banging, and a couple of muttered curses from the Doctor.
River Song sighed impatiently and strolled to the entrance of the Tardis.
“What on EARTH is happening in here?”
She stopped short upon seeing her daughter running around the Time Rotor with a frazzled but determined looking Doctor behind her. At that moment River Song wondered if her daughter was genius or a fool.
A short time latter, two frazzled geniuses and their wild daughter were traveling in the Tardis. For her own safety, Kallista had been tethered to the railing surrounding the platform. Silently she gazed at her parents who were busy minding the controls of the Time Rotor. In her arms she held a couple of wiggling bunnies. It was all she was allowed to keep.
“I want to go to London.” She spoke quietly.
“Oh, we can’t go to London this moment, darling.” River Song smiled at her daughter. “Maybe another time. How about if we go to Arcadia instead? Won’t that be fun?”
“No!” Kallista pouted. “I wanna go to London NOW!”
The Doctor continued to poke about the control panel, doing his best to ignore the small noisy person tethered to his Tardis.
“We can always go back in time and re write history. Think of it! It  could be just the two of us again!” He suggested under his breath.
River Song sighed and elbowed him.
“We most certainly can not!” She gave him, The Look. “Consider that time a FIXED moment in history, sweetie.”
“Oh, I know! I was only kidding!” He gave an unconvincing laugh then quickly set back to work.
Neither parent noticed the tether was untied. That is until a couple bunnies hopped by looking for food.
“Kallista!” The Doctor sighed, looking up. “Will you please keep…”
He stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the empty tether.
“My love…”
“Hmmm…” River answered mildly while studying the screen.
“Did you untie Kallista?”
“What? No!” She whipped her head up and saw her daughter had disappeared. Again.
The Tardis shook suddenly and a loud banging and creaking came from down the hall. In horror they looked at each other.
“That sounded like it came from the library!”
Without another word the two dashed down the ramp and down the hall that led into the library. What they saw stopped them short. The corner of the Tardis appeared to be pulsing with a strange light and fading. In its place a new object was appearing and growing in size. Its shape was still unrecognizable though. In its center they could see a smiling Kallista, dancing happily in the changing lights.
“What is happening?” River Song shouted above the noise.
The Doctor watched in wonder his mouth dropped open.
“The Tardis is creating another Tardis.” The Doctor laughed in disbelief as he pulled out his sonic screw driver and scanned in front of him. But the force and the power of the Tardis kept him back. “I have heard that this could happen but never believed it. I thought it was just a fairy tale.”
“Well, the impossible has happened before.” River Song reminded him. “But not around our daughter! We need to get her out of there.”
The Doctor tried again to move forwards but he was too late. The second Tardis along with his daughter disappeared from sight as the Tardis made herself solid once more.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” River Song screamed as she raced back down the hallway towards the door of the Tardis, the Doctor hot on her heels.
Flinging the doors opened wide she peered out into space to see the form of the new Tardis. It was a carousel! Beautiful painted in shades of pink, purple, blue, greens, reds, and yellow, trimmed in silver and gold. Lights decorated the edge of the trim reflecting off the glitter of the painted ponies. The whole carousal sparkled and shimmered and was the most beautiful the Doctor had ever seen in his travels. Music emanated from within. He could see the brightly painted panels of the inner carousel and he knew that inside there was his daughter.
“I can’t believe this.” River Song said as she turned away and ran back to the Time Rotor. “We have to follow her!”
“It’s too late River.” The Doctor said as he walked back up the ramp and joined her. “I am sorry. She just disappeared.”
“What do you mean she disappeared?” River asked him, a mother’s pain in her eyes. “We can find her can’t we? I won’t lose her!”
“We will most certainly look for her River.” The Doctor said as he walked around the Time Rotor setting the controls.
From with in the spacious room of her new Tardis, Kallista looked around happily. It was beautiful in there. She did not forget about her parents though. She walked over to the double doors and peered out into space. She could no longer see the Tardis but spoke anyways.
“I will make you both proud of me someday. Just you wait and see.” She promised quietly. “Bu first I must find The Purple Poet.”
Happily she went back to her Time Rotor which shone with a splendid purple light and made other plans to find a Star Whale and make it her pet.




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