Monday, January 30, 2012

Legolas, The Beautiful Glittery Fairy Princess

This post is dedicated to the most beautiful fairy princess of all time. She outshines and out glitters them all!

There is a fairy princess
Both lovely and sweet
Who's beautiful dream it is
To make the world sparkle

Her glorious name is Eva Legolas
Dressed in a gown of magical glitter
With all the colors of the rainbow
She dances gracefully in silky soft slippers

Dining on delectable fairy cakes
Each filled with happiness and rainbows
For desert she licks a rainbow lollipop
While swirling her magical wand.

In the evening as the calm winds blow
She twirls through her rainbow garden
Bright colored flowers adorn in glitter
Bow in adoration as Princess Eva dances

If a person is lucky and finding favor
With her wand, Eva will bless
Where once was a head of ordinary hair
Now crowned with colours, vivid and bright

As long as our beloved Legolas is here
The world has a chance of beauty to be found
As long as hearts remain open and  wise
To embrace a girl who is fun, lovely, and kind.