Thursday, November 10, 2011

Queenly Rainbow Farts

There once was a girl
Who was really a queen
Who had a strange power
And wielded it with vigor
She chased everyone around
with a wicked gleam in her eye
A villainous sound in her laugh
And called herself beautiful.

From behind the girl
Came a sparkling substance
That resembled a rainbow
And smelled like a rose garden.

Terrified her friends whimpered
Desperately they tried to flee
Some even jumped out a window
Lucky it was on the first floor.

Come back I will get you!
She screamed in fiendish delight
Shaking her fist crazily
To the doomed ones shaking in fright

Tormented and vexed
Her friends cried in despair.
Who will save us from this terror
This strange rainbow power?

Then comes the Purple Poet
The one who will save them
From the cruel mischief of a queen
And the rosy stench of the sparkly rainbow.

With words made up from magic
And woven into pure poetry
The dear poet aproached her
With his words he spellbound her.

Leading her away
Just like the Pied Piper
Into an  happy land
Filled with puppies and kittens

Now everyone lives
Happily ever after
The Purple Poet
Is hailed a hero

A statue is raised high
In his noble honor
For saving the SP gang
From the queenly rainbow farts