Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doodeling is FUN

My dearly beloved friend Gepard, did a couple of doodles of me. One is with him squirting me with water. The other one is me burning a bra.
WIth the second one I made a bit of a change. Why? Well, because even though his drawing was adorable, It did not depict me quite correctly. You will see what I mean. For starters. I'm a bit more slender and WAY more curvy! ;)
Also, I have blue eyes. My lips are not really red unless I put lipstick on. But it's better then blk. I'm not possessed by a remnent after all!
The last two don't really need anything said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Faces of Kallista

There was a time when I had switched pictures every so often. I would just rotate among a few favorites. I felt that each reflected who I was.
The picture I have is the most perfect one though. I like the friendly and fun expression on her face.  It's like she is waiting for her friends to come over so they can have an awesomesause adventure together.
Picture number six is my next favorite. After that I will just put them in randomly. I also will include the pic I used when I was Larry the Lonely Zombie.  (picture #9)
I want to know what pic is your favorite. Also, do any of you remember which one was my original? Can you find the pic with Hello Kitty on it?

OK. There are a couple other pics. But they are on another comp.