Friday, August 26, 2011

Requiem of a Forgotten Lover

“You no longer belong here.” The words were spoken by the king in an airy dismissive manner. But to th girl who heard the words, they pierced her heart . “I have grown tired of you. Leave me.”
Stunned and dismayed she looked up from where she sat and glanced around the banquet table. Nobody met her eyes. Each turned away silent, their faces like frozen masks with little indifferent smiles on them.
Guards came up to her and stood on either side, waiting for the king to act.
Rising halfway from the table she looked with pleading eyes at the one who said he would love her forever. The one who promised to be by her side. Already he was looking with love to another, a girl who had replaced her in his heart long ago.
The guards gripped her painfully by her shoulders and stripped her of her finery in front of everyone, beating her as they did so. Laughing the king’s friends watched as the former queen was reduced to nothing before them. Her cries were barely heard above the noise of the music that had started to play. Then cast at her feet was the dingy battered armour she had once worn before the king had noticed her. Brokenly she stooped to pick up the cheap and foolish looking gear. Clutching it to her chest she staggered out the door on bare feet dressed only in her shift, now stained and bloody from the beating she took. Numbly she passed by the ones she had used to dine with and laugh with. Now they turned their backs on the wretched creature. Some danced as she walked by them. But she looked neither to the left or to the right.
When she made it to the gates at the entrance of the palace, more guards were waiting for her. Two of them grasped her roughly by the shoulders and threw her out.
She landed in a heap, the dingy armour she had dropped was cast out after her .
The pieces fell on her head drawing more blood. But she made no more sound. Silently she stood and once again picked up the only thing she had left. Slipping the gear over her she covered the site of her bloody shift. Townspeople paused and pointed at the ridiculous figure who trudged past them. Their laughter followed her. Some threw rotten fruits at her, occasionally knocking her off her feet. But she got up quietly and walked on.
It was with relief when the weary girl made it to the outskirts of the village.
But her relief was short lived.
A creature waited there for her, a thing that was large and black. It’s fangs were bigger then she was.
“I have been waiting for you.” It said as it’s sinister eyes looked up and down her person in delight. “You thought you could escape me last time didn’t you?”
It laughed as she gazed at her old enemy.
“You can’t escape me. I’m the one who will always be there when others cast you off. Just in a different way.” It sneered as it lunged at her.
No one heard her strangled cry as the creature leapt on her. They were busy celebrating the festival of the king and his true love.
The king was dancing now with his new partner, the new Queen: the one who had always been the real one.
But for the pathetic girl, she cried as she fought uselessly with the monster. Her body already battered and tired was loosing more strength rapidly.


When the creature was tired of playing with her, he went for her heart to rip it out  and eat it.


  1. Oh Kal. This is so sad. I'm glad though that writing this has helped you some what.

    This is beautiful to me even if it is about awful things. Because you wrote it and so it is beautiful to me.

  2. Yet the common people were not satisfied. Beyond the walls of the palace, the people screamed, "Where is our Queen? Bring us our Queen!" For the girl that had been left, the one who had been shunned away from her beloved kingdom would always truly be their Queen. No matter if she renamed her self, if she ran and hid, she would always be their Queen. For a Queen is not truly chosen by a King. A Queen is chosen by the people. A Queen is the most wonderful of all, chosen for the wonder and happiness she brings to the world. The people who choose her are the ones that understand her, and understand how kind and caring she is. She is someone who captures the peoples' minds, hearts and souls. The Queen is someone who holds the Kingdom together. And the Queen was that girl. The Queen would always be that girl. So they marched away from the festival, to the place where the monster was. They saw their Queen cowering, and so they took their chance. They took their spears and stabbed the monster. They stabbed it til it's heart had stopped beating, and it's pea of a brain stopped thinking. They stabbed it until it could be truly classed as gone. The people then carried their Queen, back to the kingdom. They gave her a throne, and they cheered for her. She is their Queen.
    That is the way it should be.
    The end.

  3. Thank you Quinn. *hugs her tightly*
    I like your ending MUCH better!
    We can add that the queen spends her days hugging her friends.

  4. *sniffles and hugs Kal* I really have nothing I can say. Lovely story, heartbreaking, but lovely all the same.

  5. But then the kingdom felt awful, as they remembered how much they loved her, and how she would always be, even in death, any bit of life stripped from her cold bones, their beautiful goddess queen. So they resurrected her as a beautiful zombie. But she was not like most zombies, devoid of emotion and life. No, she became the most beautiful queen that anyone in history had ever seen, for she was not officially chosen for the position. The people would remark upon how she was almost the personification of queenliness, as she would look out on her people with a kind smile and brave eyes, assuring them that the era of noogies and hugs would never end, no matter what horrors stood in the way.

  6. I cried ;_;

    *hugs Kallista*

    A haunting, heartbreaking story.

  7. Oh, Kal. *hugs and hugs* We would never treat you this way. I hope you feel better after writing this out.

  8. Kal, *biggest hug of all* this is too sad. But it is good that you write about it.

    We'll still be here. And I definitely think Quinn and Legolas' endings were much better.

  9. As the skeleton laid in the mud, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a hand extend down, and she followed it up to a bright smile.
    "Don't worry." the newcomer said. "I'll fix this."
    As she walked back the way the skeleton had come, pieces of bright flesh started to pull back towards her, attaching themselves to the bone, and pieces of fabric were wrapped around the girl so that she was warm again.
    Bright as a star, she walked back through the village, and as if by magic, everyone stood out of their homes to watch the girl that had been laughing at just before. They realized that they were cruel and mean, and they slowly started to clap, clap for the girl that had been the queen. As the magic spread, babies stopped crying, children stopped fighting, and for a moment, the world was at peace, all because they realized who their true queen was.
    The king stood, and as the queen entered the hall, a single tear fell from his eye, and he rushed forward, to his old queen, to hug her.
    The other girl, the one who had stolen the king's heart, Slowly faded into the shadows, a smile remaining as she realized she king and queen were happy and at peace once more.
    Within the hour, the old queen had her crown placed back on her head, and her radiance became the sunlight to the kingdom once more, dissolving the black monster on touch.

  10. aww *sniffle* Not crying .. I'm not .. ok I was already crying but this jkust made me cry more.

    It's a beautiful story but sad to think this is how you feel *hugs* if writing helps I won't nag I just hope you feel better soon :)

  11. ^



    kinda... sort of... Kal is the Queen, and Dragona is her Prince Consort. Octa is cheif poet, I'm a Knight, so are some others....

    I shall post a cast list on my blog, its about us here on chat, not our OC's. comment on there if you have any especially desired placements :P


  12. Oh, Kal!

    *hugs her 999 999 999 times*

    Quinn's right! We need our TRUE Queen!

  13. Awhhhhh . . . i'm in an awhhh- e mood today . . . but good to know your almost over it . . . :) . . . and once again NEVER LEAVE!!!

  14. just realised thats kinda wierd n stakerish but my intentions are good!!

  15. Aw, Kal, I would NEVAH (notice I used a typo for EXTRA EMOTION) do that! And I like the extended endings from all the other bloggers, I hope you're feeling better.

  16. Kallista. I wrote you a poem. I hope you like it.

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    Please dry your tears
    I can’t stand to see you crying
    It hurts my heart, my dear

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    I’ll hold out to you my hand
    Grasp it tightly within yours
    And I’ll try to help you stand

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    Though I’m not the best with words
    I’ll try to explain what I’m saying
    I hope it doesn’t sound absurd

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    You’re the sweetest person out there
    With your open arms for hugs and noogies
    To ruffle people’s hair

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    You taught me to trust again
    You showed me how to laugh and dance
    You are a very dear friend

    Miss Kallista Pendragon
    I’m really not the best poet
    But you’re amazing, epica, awesome
    And you better know it

  17. *gathers Thalia up and never lets go*
    You my dear are a rare and precious soul. I could tell that right from the start. I am in awe of your magnificent talent and in even mre amazed that someone so extrodinary would be friends with me. I treasure your friendship and Thalia. I treasure this EPICA POEM! Thank you for taking the time to think of me and write something from your precious heart.
    Becasue of you and my other firends, I am even able to smile and laugh again. Slowly but surely I will dance again too. I owe it all to you!

  18. *hugs Kallista*

    We're all here for you. I know I've said this before, but it's true. If you ever need to talk, just leave me a comment. Everyone here in Blogland loves you dearly. I'm so lucky to be friends with someone as amazing, wonderful, and kind as you are!

  19. *tears up but doesn't cry*

    *ok i'm bailing*

    jk!! but seriously!!!! AWESOME!!! I MEAN I AM LITERALLY IN AWE!!