Friday, August 26, 2011

Requiem of a Forgotten Lover

“You no longer belong here.” The words were spoken by the king in an airy dismissive manner. But to th girl who heard the words, they pierced her heart . “I have grown tired of you. Leave me.”
Stunned and dismayed she looked up from where she sat and glanced around the banquet table. Nobody met her eyes. Each turned away silent, their faces like frozen masks with little indifferent smiles on them.
Guards came up to her and stood on either side, waiting for the king to act.
Rising halfway from the table she looked with pleading eyes at the one who said he would love her forever. The one who promised to be by her side. Already he was looking with love to another, a girl who had replaced her in his heart long ago.
The guards gripped her painfully by her shoulders and stripped her of her finery in front of everyone, beating her as they did so. Laughing the king’s friends watched as the former queen was reduced to nothing before them. Her cries were barely heard above the noise of the music that had started to play. Then cast at her feet was the dingy battered armour she had once worn before the king had noticed her. Brokenly she stooped to pick up the cheap and foolish looking gear. Clutching it to her chest she staggered out the door on bare feet dressed only in her shift, now stained and bloody from the beating she took. Numbly she passed by the ones she had used to dine with and laugh with. Now they turned their backs on the wretched creature. Some danced as she walked by them. But she looked neither to the left or to the right.
When she made it to the gates at the entrance of the palace, more guards were waiting for her. Two of them grasped her roughly by the shoulders and threw her out.
She landed in a heap, the dingy armour she had dropped was cast out after her .
The pieces fell on her head drawing more blood. But she made no more sound. Silently she stood and once again picked up the only thing she had left. Slipping the gear over her she covered the site of her bloody shift. Townspeople paused and pointed at the ridiculous figure who trudged past them. Their laughter followed her. Some threw rotten fruits at her, occasionally knocking her off her feet. But she got up quietly and walked on.
It was with relief when the weary girl made it to the outskirts of the village.
But her relief was short lived.
A creature waited there for her, a thing that was large and black. It’s fangs were bigger then she was.
“I have been waiting for you.” It said as it’s sinister eyes looked up and down her person in delight. “You thought you could escape me last time didn’t you?”
It laughed as she gazed at her old enemy.
“You can’t escape me. I’m the one who will always be there when others cast you off. Just in a different way.” It sneered as it lunged at her.
No one heard her strangled cry as the creature leapt on her. They were busy celebrating the festival of the king and his true love.
The king was dancing now with his new partner, the new Queen: the one who had always been the real one.
But for the pathetic girl, she cried as she fought uselessly with the monster. Her body already battered and tired was loosing more strength rapidly.


When the creature was tired of playing with her, he went for her heart to rip it out  and eat it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Calling all Brothers and Sisters

 This post is about me adopting all of YOU!
That's right. I invite you now to become part of my royal blog family. I love and admire you all so much more then my other family. :D
If you want to be my blog sister or brother. Please leave a comment below.
Hurry! Hugs are waiting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Welcome to my newest blog. Really! Come in and have a seat! This is my secret place. If you stumble upon it then you ae welcomed to stay. Otherwise I won't be sharing it. Not for a while at least. This is my crazy blog. I will try to keep my insanity limited to here and my meltdowns limited here too.
It was very disgraceful for me to have had a meltdown and tantrums on Derek's blog and the chat.

Queen Kallista Pendragon